Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Bolton Wanderers: Super Tottenham Go Ballistic Bolton Were Atrocious ***Photo Gallery***

As an experiment I've put the photos into the sidebar as to not 'clog the blog' quite so much. It won't increase the speed of things I'm afraid....


Anonymous said...


great game, good pics, but sidebar experiment has failed - is a bit lame

but good plan

Anonymous said...

I quite like the sidebar idea. Once the pics that are already on the main page have moved off it'll be quite good as just a section showing the pics from the latest match is quite nice, plus it'll eventually speed up the loading of the page.

This is assuming when new pics are available the old pics are replaced and not kept.

Harry Hotspur said...

The plan IS to dump the pictures as new ones come through.


sydney wale said...

Particularly like the shot of Sams Lee and Allardyce.
No pics of Ian Walker?
He must have had a quiet game......

dannyboy said...

tottenham are back, tottenham are back, 'allo, 'allo !!
well played spurs.
feeder club next - lets keep the sunday feeling going !!

berbatov = magnificent. player of the season. the real captain. 10/10. what more can you add ?!
and jenas is proving just how much he was missed - no coincidence we're going on a run with him back.


Vinny said...

Are we Brazil disguise???

Better late than never, but today was welcome back to that fantastic feeling our performances of last year gave me. Gone was that inanimate depressing feeling whilst watching some drab displays this season, back was the jumping up and down, shouting like a lunatic passion that our beloved Spurs in full flow gives us.

This is the team I feel could now, go on and give us a top 5 or 6 place finish and hopefully a cup win preferably the UEFA would put us back on course for Champions leage place contention next season.

Every player had the confidence to take a player or 2 on and get their work done at the same time. The defence was solid, just missing the king. In attack the other king, the new guy, forget his name...oh yeah, Berbaaaaaaaaaa!!!, words cannot describe his performance. The rest of the team as follows:

Robinson - great shot stopping, turned the corner? looking leaner and hungrier.

The Defence: Dawson and Rocha - Solid, end of.

Fullbacks: Chimbonda, Lee - Could have quite easily been watching Cafu and Roberto Carlos at their prime.

Midfield: Zokora, Tainio, Jenas. Looked composed, confident and gelled at last. Each one doing their bit and not getting in each others way. Particularly pleased with Zokora with his bursting runs and some great passing today, finally looks comfortable in a Spurs shirt.(Sorry Huddlestone my friend, looks like you have a bit more bench time to serve this season).

Wings: Lennon and Malbranque, both great footballers in their own right. Azza - self explanatory, Steed - a great addition for 2 million, bargain!

Forwards: Berba and Keano - what can I say, 2 masters of the art of football, intelligence, not one dimensional, a nightmare for defences to track and read each other like magicians. I suspected this after Everton, and they have now confirmed themselves as the best strike partnership we have, surely!.

This team looks more balanced, more gritty more clinical, more last the right formula for success.

Oh yeah and the scum lost, as did Reading and Newcastle. Great weekend at last.

Come on you spurs!!!...get in their my sons!!!

Anonymous said...

great pics again, HH.
Please tell me Berbs didn't play with a broken finger. Anyone knows anything about it? That shit is dangerous.

Harry Hotspur said...

Just had a look at that red card. Robbie's problem wasn't the ball which hit DID HIT HIS chest, but his flapping left hand which may or may not have made any contact, but LOOKED like it could of...

Anonymous said...

Jol said: "I have just told Berbatov that was the best performance I have seen from a striker on his own against any team."
The fans have to decide about the King. There can be only one but too many names are mentioned. I have no doubts (never did) about my choice. Will you make the man captain now, jol?

Anonymous said...

What a week! Hopefully you boo boys are going to be quiet for a while and see the progress being made at the lane without a sugar daddy or resorting to hanging round french schools looking for bargains. Spurs are a club I'm proud to support for the way we play football and the way the club is run! We should not look for glory at any expense. We have to stand up for what we believe in. Spurs are now gaining the sort of respect that we feel entitled to. O.K there is some way to go, but do you not remember the Pleat days when we had Doherty playing as emergency striker? That wasn't so long ago and we were a laughing stock. Remember that in our 'poor' run we lost to Liverpool, Man u, Arsenal's so called kids (after taking them 2 games into extra time at the immigrants) and a freak loss against Newcastle at home! (we were much better but got caught out.) Newcastle, Fulham and Sheffield away weren't great but you've got to take these things on the chin. People keep on citing last season as being exemplary, but from what I remember we gave away a lot of points in the dying minutes (mostly through Staltieri!) You have to ask yourself are you not happier with Berbs and Chimbonda (who's that...etc) in the team? Zakora has still got to prove himself and Benoit A-E is a bit of a mystery, but Malbranque is going to be worth every penny (amazing what deals you can get for an out of favour player) and Rocha can't be worse than Davenport! We do need three quality players and I hope that we're not going to be conned into signing 10 mill for an o.k middlesborough winger. Why didn't we go in for Gareth Barry in the summer with a large sum of the Carrick money? I bet the brummies wouln't have said no. Jol did need these three wins to restore faith, but I think that most of us yiddos would rather see us higher up the table than reaching the semis of the Carling cup! Take note Martin, I think we should now concentrate on the league and the uefa, treat the FA cup as aone off game against the russians, see how we do, but even if we win we are probably going to have to play the gypsies, man u, or both! Too much pain, which will afect our chances of qualifying for europe which I think we can do through the league! Reading have still got to play the big four (plus a cup replay against MU, Portsmouth and Bolton are flagging, Everton haven't got the depth and I reckon if we meet Newcastle in the uefa revenge will be ours and won't come much sweeter. Lets be positive, get behind the boys and my mate MJ and maybe this season can be another stepping stone to us reaching the top four! Just don't expect it to be next season COYS

Anonymous said...

Only highlights here and praising for Rocha.It looks like the best game of the season for Spurs and that Berbs finally showed how good he is. I'm glad. I'm hoping the club will make a dvd of it so I can get one to watch with my friends who are MU and Chelsea's fans. Sweet revenge for once !
And Now, mr. Jol, will you bring the boys to Portugal for a few well deserved days in the sun before the terrible weeks of March?
Hope so. I'll be around anyway.
Lisbon Spurs

Anonymous said...

Berba said it was all about clicking.
I wish I could click with him.
Signed: Raving Woman

Anonymous said...

Hasnt it gone very very quiet from 'jolsgonemental'.

"Expect Jol gone in may" arse!


EL said...

Pictures are better on the sidebar in my opinion. They still remind me too much of dodgy football fanzines for me to bother with them though. Horses for courses.

Anonymous said...

great site. be better if u got the photo of the ball hitting keanes chest idiotic ref.