Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur To Raid Goodison Park

Injuries = Good Fortune For BMJ?
( Nigerian Fortune Cookie Pictured )

Tim Cahill is suspended, Pistone, Hibbert and Valente are all out injured. Andy Johnson faces a late injury test due to a 'twisted knee'. Perhaps these absences will 'assist' Tottenham.

Moyes has pocketed 8 points in his last four Premiership games. BMJ has only managed to trouser only 1 point from the same.


BUT the performance at Fulham was spirited enough to warrant optimism
on this trip and I will be surprised if Spurs don't come away with all the points.

Hopefully the penny has dropped at long last ~ if we fight, we can overcome.

Draw #1-16/1
Everton #1-07/1
Draw #0-08/1
Everton #2-18/1
Tottenham #1-017/2
Everton #2-09/1
Tottenham #2-112/1
Draw #2-216/1
Tottenham #2-016/1
Everton #3-120/1
Everton #3-025/1
Everton #3-228/1
Tottenham #3-235/1
Tottenham #3-140/1
Tottenham #3-050/1
Draw #3-366/1
Everton #4-166/1
Everton #4-080/1
Everton #4-290/1


Anonymous said...

Hopefully we can beat them like we did last year! COYS

simon said...

has anyone read the disgracful cloumn on itv sport? its titl is 'tottenham and the myth of tantalus'
it really is one of the worst piecesof bias and derogatory journolism i have ever read.
In one bit he calls the uefa cup
'the dirt poor trailer trash cousin of the Champions League'. I find this
very ironic considering itv have paid a lot of money for the rights to show our home games.
anyway check it out

Anonymous said...

Up the Toffees

ReevO said...

Simon that article looks like it was written by a 16 year old kid.

I reckon we should turn over the toffee's espcially if Johnson fails his late test cause then they are really lacking up front.

sydney wale said...

Big Kevin Kilbane is no longer a toffee, our tormenter from WHL last year. Is Simon Davies still there? Let's hope we can get a win tonight , we need the points big time.

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with the ITV article is that it says it may be unfair to suggest that Jol is a bad manager....if the predictions in the article come true ie: no cups and mid-table mediocrity, they will be proved correct.
I think Jol has definitely lost it, saying things like we are doing well because the same thing happened when Terry Venables was in charge...we lonly one a couple of league games in the last part of the season but we won the Cup. Great...also in the past we got relegated, so that's also Ok is it?
Cups mean nothing in terms of measuring the ability of a team to play good football consistently, only the League gives a true reflection of the team's abilities, and right now we are heading to our usual mid-table, or worse, mediocroty....but hey, that's happened before so that's alright then isn't it?

db said...

erm syd wale

simon davies now plays for fulham and was part of the team murdered by the super spurs on sunday!

Anonymous said...

The ITV piece is just another very English " UEFA CUP is shit" statement.
I really don't get it: if that Cup is crap, why on earth do you want to be 6/7 in order to get more of the so-called European Football, which is, in fact, playing the Uefa Cup again?
Either we get Champions League Football (and that's the first 4/5 places in the League) or Jol is doing the right thing to try to get the FA Cup, due to our very poor and inconsistent form away from WHL.
As for Tantalus, it happens to those who dare...and dream...but sometimes we get the fruit and we drink the water.

mrdaintz said...

feeling confident about tonight's game against everton,it's a place we have a decent record out and it's a must win game as we need to climd the table and try to get that 6th spot my team for tonight:
let's hope we can put in back to back wins away from home as we need some momentum going into sunday's clash with bolton.coys,yids,yids,yids!!!..........

Anonymous said...

Latest News:

"Striker in love affair with Spurs:
Dimitar Berbatov is falling head over heels with supporters of his new club Tottenham."

Com'on , mates, be positive. With this kind of love we can go places!

Berba, I love you too.
Give them hell tonight!

Anonymous said...

I just Jenas is on his way out in the summer, personaly i think its a good thing what about everyone else?

4 Ever Hopeful said...

No I wouldn't like to see Jenas go. He is the only midfield player we have with the lung capacity to run beyond the foward players and get in a goal scoring position and then run back and make a tackle on the edge of our own box.

db said...


i agree totally. we havent seen the best of him yet. hes got the potential to be a right good player - just needs to realise it.

anon 4.16pm

you been reading clubcall again? twat

Anonymous said...

My fellow spurs fans, incase you didnt know, footballon.net are showing Everton vs Spurs tonight at 8pm. Get signed up and start watching Spurs over the Internet from wherever you log on from!

All you need is min 2MEG ADSL, pay £7 annual membership, a reasonably new/decent spec pc and O/S, 20 mins to download some programs and codecs, a bit of set up following their detailed easy to follow instructions and you are away! Whenever Spurs play in the Prem, 99 times out of 100 it is on...enjoy.


Harry Hotspur said...


Interesting, Mr Bond....

Harry Hotspur said...

Read the ITV piece.

Mmmn, standard Tottenham knocking fare. Based upon the gulf in our achievements in the Premiership compared with last season, nothing to moan about.

And I don't think Henry Winter will be looking over his shoulder quite yet...

Harry Hotspur said...


Anonymous said...

Great result - onwards and upwards...and the spurs go marching on!

Anonymous said...

Today I have to say Jol did the right sub and I'm glad they fought till the end.
Man of the match: BerbaKing: he fought like hell and again was the real captain and also another superb goal. Love the guy!Absolute blue blood!
Harry, pics and perhaps players ratings, what do you fancy?

dannyboy said...

...and wheres the twat who said hes glad hes heard a whisper that jenas is going? i reckon he read your post! double twat. (apologies for the language, but i just love it when the doom-mongers get a good pasting!)


Anonymous said...

footballon.net there are cheaper ones than that, I have one that I paid £5 for life...

Oh what a great result away for the might Spurs!!!!

All together... Martin Jols Blue n White army...

sydney wale said...

Thanks db, only saw the highlights so he must have been anonymous.

A good result tonight

Anonymous said...

Great result to beat Everton 2-1.

But according to Sky sport website: "Tottenham looked comfortable before on the stroke of half-time referee Uriah Rennie ignored a linesman's flag that ruled an Everton foul and instead booked Michael Dawson for a tug back on Anichebe.

Jol looked incredulous on the touchline and even more so when Arteta stepped from the game's periphery to whip a majestic sweeping free-kick beyond Robinson."

I've always thought Uriah Rennie is a crap referee, and a this confirms it. He is a tosser of a ref!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Go on the Dannyboy!

Get him in a headlock and chuck him out the motor!

'According to some sh*t site I wuz on earlier Jenas is leavin'...'

Come on you Spurs!

Form wise we were looking like a long walk up there to give them at least a point...

Yid wise it always was well Sir Bill Nickable...

Well done Berba & JJ.

Piccies by breakfast time chaps... and I would hope for video up by tomorrow night???


dannyboy said...

and another thing.....this football lark is quite easy. all you got to do is battle for 90 minutes and quality will shine through. simple really. come on spurs, our season started sunday - keep going.

Harry Hotspur said...

sydney - you'd think he was still at Everton...

Harry Hotspur said...

Oi Sydney - have you looked at the quotes on the front page recently, sir ?

dannyboy said...

isn't sydney wale the old Spurs chairman? Didn't he die? So, it's official (if he did die), this blog is read in heaven !!!!!!!!!!

shanemac said...

How'd we line up in the midfield today?

Harry Hotspur said...

Keep it amongst yerselves, but we're fighting like cup winners......

Anonymous said...

Berby was great, loved the win, Everton were crap, let's get Bolton Sunday, but Berby needs to rest, Defoe should play Sunday.
ITV article is crap, forget about it.

sydney wale said...

Dannyboy, Of course this blog is read in heaven!
Did you for one minute think that the Supreme Being is a gooner?
That would be blasphemous!

sydney wale said...

Nice one Harry.

Cheques' in the mail.

Anonymous said...

re: footy on the internet

I paid a one off fee of £4.99 with Webfootie.com and then found out you can get it completely free on asiaplate.com doh!

Jimmy V said...

Hi Harry,

Do you have any idea how to access the SIMB board? It seems to be password protected these days?

If you could let me know that would be great.