Monday, February 19, 2007

Tottenham Get Chelsea Away In FA Cup

There were arguably easier draws to be generated by El Tel's little left hand. But a trip to Second Hand Fridge is what it is!

Will there be a second rush release DVD available this season?

Anyway, the draw in full..

Middlesbrough or West Brom v Manchester United or Reading

Arsenal or Blackburn v Manchester City

Chelsea v Tottenham

Plymouth v Watford

Ties to be played over 10/11 March


Anonymous said...

Of all draws!
Spurs can't get knocked out of both domestic cups by Arsenal and Chelsea.

gloryglory said...

Lucky Chelsea! All the way through to the semi final without facing one big club - b******s

Anonymous said...


if you can't tell, i'm not to impressed by the draw

Enjoy Marcus said...

Bring it on I say, beat Chelsea on their home ground and teams will be scared off us.

We have everything to gain, and nothing to lose!

db said...

bring it on! on the day, who knows what will happen? nothing to be scared of - if we play like yesterday, we can beat them. watch all the doubters come on with their negative comments. tossers.

Anonymous said...

Well, we've already beat them once, cant say they will be relishing the thought of us going there.
2-1 Spurs and a semi against Plymouth. :)

Anonymous said...

oh kharma, kharma! you can run but you cannot hide.
to beat Mourinho at home, that is a challenge.
probable: no.
possible: yes.
and there's the third possibility: to get a draw and go back to score at WHL.
Never fear or fear will defeat you instead of Mourinho.

Anonymous said...

Cant McClaren and Venables, do anything right?. We were SUPPOSED to get Plymouth at home!

Harry Hotspur said...


Quite right!

Anonymous said...

Can't see a problem with the draw, we need to get out of the FA cup (which we won't win) and concentrate on getting to 6/7th in the league.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea away isn't that much of a problem, this is the FA cup after all!

Of course nobody will expect us to make the semi's now, but if you'd said at the beginning that Plymouth would have made it to the quarters people would have laughed.

Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

Hey, why all the negativity? Just because they are the league champions, second in the leaague right now, haven not lost at home since I cant remember, through to the final of League Cup, still in the Champions Leage and have a reserve team that we would probably die for to have as a first tesm --- is that any reason to think we wont win first time of asking ?

Anonymous said...

No chance of the King being back for this one, I dont suppose, huh ?

Anonymous said...

Chelscum in the QF
Arsen*l in the semis
ManUSA in the final
Bring 'em on!

Anonymous said...

Mourinho is unbeaten home for FIVE years !

This is the real thing. Do or die !

What the hell does 6 or 7 place in the Prem give us? Idiots!

Anonymous said...

More European Football - assuming one of the top 3 left in the cup wins it(for the 7th place to open up).
Do you think we'll get to the uefa cup next year any other way?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We'll either win 2-3 or get thumped after Daws or Gardener give away a penalty to get their ball rolling.

We've beaten them once, before they had their run of off-form games so they're beatable. We've also just smashed our bad away form so......


Anonymous said...

very intelligent you are, mate. why would we want to play the UEFA Cup next year if we'll never get a better chance of winning it than this year? we were extremely lucky with the draws and the first really tough team we got was kicked out by UEFA. Now we have Parma or Braga ahead, both pretty average teams.When was the last time we were so close? So I say: get the UEFA CUP this year.
The FA CUP is harder but we have to beat some of the best to get there.And we should do it.If we beat the big ones and win away we'll be in a good place in the Prem anyway, but 8 or 9th is good enough for me this year.
So, it is logical that this is the year to go for the cups. Next year if we start on all four competitions again we'll have even worse problems because we certainly won't have luck on our side as this year in the UEFA Cup.
Next year we should concentrate on the Prem and the Champions, if we win the UEFA Cup.

sydney wale said...

Maybe the Chelsea hooligans will get their team banned from the competition and we can get another bye.
And there's always Mr Poll....

Anonymous said...

"There is no reason to complain about the draw.
"We respect Chelsea, but we'll fight until the end to come through."

Well, that's the least they can do.
But I do have the feeling that if anyone can beat Mourinho is this guy.