Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Vs Cardiff City : Cardiff To Get Thrashed

Tottenham are 4/11.

Cardiff City are 17/2.

And those, ladies and gentleman of the jury, are the facts.

I am looking forward to a couple of things tomorrow night.

One, Spurs using this mob as target practice.

And two, White Hart Lane demonstrating how a quality legion of supporters behave in public (When they're not get arrested for being squiffy).

Frankly, the racist chants and 'songs' at Ninian Park were not so much a disgrace but a plain old cringing inducing. Let's hope the cave man element stays in the Valleys watching the match on a teak veneered telly down at the 'Affray & Inquest'.

No starting line ups at this stage obviously, but I would be surprised to see Spurs roll out anything less than a full strength first eleven.

Predictions? An emphatic home win with Malbranque amongst others opening up Defoe and Berbatov all over the shop.


db said...

here's hoping....

Anonymous said...

You are a lieing, racist, shithouse, cockny, twat.
firstly unlike Cardiff your so called real mob could not even take the 2ooo you were allocated to Ninan Park, Secondly as you would know if you (unlike most Spurs fans) actually were at the matchthere was no racist chanting (at least not from Cardiff fans)

We will not

"stay in the Valleys watching the match on a teak veneered telly down at the 'Affray & Inquest'"

Due to the fact we have this thing in Wales,I might have heard of it its called away support. See you there you there you shithouse

Harry Hotspur said...


Would you kindly go to


And then tell me who the racist is?

Kind regards,


Harry Hotspur said...

Oh yes, if you cannot moderate your languague, you stroppy little charicature, your comments will be binned.


Anonymous said...

Wales is a thirrd world country without us so less of the 'cockney twat' sunshine. Show some respect to in habitants of the capital city of the country and owns your smelly inbred selves. ok!

Anonymous said...

Well you've really shown yourself to be abit of an idiot anon! just the sort of comment i would expect to recieve from one of the yobs i saw at ninian park! yes you were racist! perhaps you should play in the welsh league being a welsh team? oh and by the way there arent any cockneys in north london ;)

Anonymous said...

Point and laugh at crudiff fans! :D

Anonymous said...

Why are these anti English lunatics playing in the English League?

Nice link Mr Hotspur.

dannyboy said...

2 interesting points, both on the official spurs website;

1 - police advice regarding the game tomorrow. haven't seen that in a while. apparantley as there has been a lot of 'interest' in the fixture. blog site posts etc?

2 - a piece from robbo saying how keen they are to bounce back following sundays reverse.

one question from me - does this prove the IT lot at the lane take notice of this blog?

finally, anon 9.02 - learn to spell, learn to accept points of view and most importantly what the feck are you doing on a spurs blog site? racist chants were distinctly heard on TV mate. finally, get a sense of humour - I think the teak veneered telly in the valleys comment is very humorous!

COYS - stuff the Taffs all the way back down the M4 and beyond. Please.

yids1sheepworriers0 said...

9.02's last 50p has just gone into his coin op telly and he's busy trying to solder his BBC Model B so he punt out another post via next doors wi fi. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


anonymous' mam said...

anonymous will be back later, he's just nipped out to the outside lavvie with some torn up newspaper and a picture of Charlotte Church... he won't be long

Anonymous said...

Is that long as in soccer am's'long in the shower' Lol.

Anonymous said...

Q. what do the welsh call a sheep
A. a leisure centre

Anonymous said...

In case any more of our Welsh neighbours come here, let's not forget this:

Yes, the Welsh fans throwing a flare into our enclosure.
You are a land of animals.

It's not wonder you are the embarrassment of the UK when act like you do.
Even the Scots look down on you ffs.

Anonymous said...

cardiff shag sheep nr shit at football cmon u spurs !!!!!!!!