Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS

A picture paints a thousand words, or in this case, 'What the **** happened to my two nil lead?'

'Get up off your knees and I'll let you have this invisible orange'

'When I lower my arm you'll be back in the room and you won't remember me touching you'

I'm looking more like Gary Oldman every day

It's official

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el said...

Anonymous said...

It was unfortunate to lose Berba so early in the match but we could have done a lot more to prevent the arse's fightback.

I was screaming my head off to Jol to bring Mido on since the 60th. Wenger brought on Hleb and Eboue so they had more experienced heads and fresher legs on the pitch.
And the match was crying for an in-your-face battering ram approach from Spurs to put pressure on the arse's defence.

Jol also blamed tiredness and but only brought Mido on at the 80th minute? Blame yourself you fat idiot. For 50 quid, it was a crap match to watch.

Sorry lads, I think Jol is just not good enough.

Thursday, January 25, 2007 8:41:00 AM +00:00
EL said...

They have one of the worlds best managers and top players. Some of you expect too much. we did well to be 2-0 up at half time but we had to run our tits off to make it happen whereas they made the ball work for them in the 2nd half and we couldn't keep up or keep possession. They had quality in all positions but we lacked a quality left back, central defender (Gardener), left winger(2nd half) and central midfielder (Zakora's a midfield sweeper and not good enough to play the creative roll).

Ours is not a well balanced or complete team by any stretch and we did ok to draw against a side which tanked liverpool the other day. We're still IN this competition by the way. A one nil win at the bin ladium would do it. Not an impossible task even if we're not favourites. King & Jenas might be back and fingers crossed Berby.

We need to learn how to back-off and calm down without giving the ball away. To control things better, make the ball work for us and get them chasing it a little. We don't frustrate sides. We're either gung ho or defending deep. We're too 2 dimensional and badly need to strengthen our left side.

Incidentaly did you notice that we beat arse**ls (real) reserve side 3-0 a few days ago and Taraabt ran the show from the front of midfield. I really hope to see some of him early next season along with bale (if we could pull that off, not holding my breath). Last season didn't fool me into high expectations this year. I'm enjoying our football despite its ups and downs and I'm aware of how much talent is readying itself for the next few seasons. We're still competing in all the cups and we have a revenge match at the emirates on the horizon. Great support at the lane by the way.

Keep the faith.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

Just for your guide the 3-0 drubbing of the real reserves????
I think you'll find that was the under-17 side. Nice work well informed.

Anonymous said...

You didn't beat our reserve team 3-0 earlier in the week - that was our Academy side. Our reserves played last night and drew last night. Compare the team that started yesterday against the one that beat Man United on Sunday. Only Toure, Senderos and Fabregas kept their places.

Anonymous said...

it's just so funny, reading all you spuds posts about your A players, B players, C , D and E players....

face blew it. You're crap, have been for 20 years, and it looks like another 20 to me. BTW, our reserve team is essentially a youth squad. Our "real" reserves were busy beating the scousers and outplaying you lot.

2 jammy goals ( you wont see the kind of mix up that let in berba often, nor a deflected OG like baptistas too often either ) vs two well worked, footballing goals. The second leg will be a murder, and you know it.

calm down...5th last year was a fluke. Back to double figures and looking over your shoulders this year.

spuds... you crack me up, you really do.....

oh and the paedo thing. I'd drop it. Its not classy. AW can handle the venom, and it dont bother me none, but its not very nice for genuine victims is it? Many of whom are season ticket holders at No Heart Lane, so I've heard.

enjoy the rest of your season, and St.Totteringtons day. My prediction is early-mid march. What d 'ya think?

Anonymous said...

We outplayed you in the 1st half and you outplayed us 2nd. Be realistic arsenal. Also another point, our 1st team is effectively very young as well. We are developing a team at the moment and dont claim to be the finished product. We are potentially, very very good, as are you. Last night was a perfect example as to how young players perform. Showing moments of their talent and poor the next, these things develop through experience. Im not just talking about spurs but arse as well. Another thing i have to note, spurs played with a very similar team only the other day and you had a completly different team at the weekend. The freshness of your team showed in the 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Berba is too good for the likes of you spuds. Bet he'll leave in the summer when you'll be in the shit hole again.
Looking forward for the second leg murder.


Anonymous said...

Sky pundit Glenn Hoddle said, "Nine times out of ten Arsenal had composed possession."

CORRECT ! Composed possession !

Hoddle said Spurs had no leadership.


Hoddle said Spurs have five in midfield but could not control Fabregas.


Spurs, ultimately, are a collection of mediocre mercenaries.

King, Huddlestone and Lennon are good footballers. The rest are so utterly average, it's staggering.

A night like this must be sickening for Daniel Levy, the Tottenham chairman. Since he took over, average players have been sold and more average players have been bought, and then they've been sold and more average players have been bought.

MARTIN JOL is a bust.
He's not as good as Pleat, Hoddle or Graham.

It's sad because London needs a good Spurs side. They were a great team in the Sixties, and very good at times through to 1985.

Steve Archibald was a proper player, far better than Defoe or Berbatov. Ardiles and Hoddle were fun, Graham Roberts was a fantastic and inspiring warrior. Tony Galvin used to drive me potty but that's another story and I won't go into it.

Let's just say that Jenas, Zokora and Malbranque are not fit to lace the boots of tricky Micky Hazard.

Anonymous said...

Fat boy Robinson - England's Number One!?! Don't make me laugh! I honestly feel sorry for you lot, you couldn't beat our second string... three 17 years olds.. with your best side out. Lets face it you will never be more than a mid-table team again. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Some very good points made with regards to the 'old' Spurs sides of the 60's and early 80's when you gave us a game. Got to be honest and say you 'had' some great players in those days and I used to relish and enjoy the games.

Apart from Lennon (fantastic player), King and possibly Huddlestone, your current side are never going to be as good as; Crooks, Archibald, Ardiles, Hoddle and co - FACT.

You do not have the infratstructure in place to being on youngsters, unlike us and our academy, which was highlighted last night.

Sorry guys, but beating our U17's on Monday was NOT our reserve team.

Last nights game proved to me that Spurts still have a long way to go before they can reach the standards set by Arsenal. Even if you get lucky next week, don't try and kid yourselves your team is on the same world as us Gooners, because you ain't.

Hope you enjoy another mediocre season in mid table.

Anonymous said...

Go on your own forums and stop wasting you breath on comments that are advertising the lack of intelligence of the average arsenal fan. It was a ‘winning’ draw for you and a ‘loosing draw’ for us. With all your bashing about how bad a team we are, you certainly seem delighted to have earned a draw against us.

Anonymous said...

Any comment on the lack of intelligence of Arsenal fans is immediately lost when you call it a 'loosing draw'. Anyone know how you have a 'loosing draw'?

Anonymous said...

That is when you are ahead and the game ends a draw. Its a common footballing phrase. Shows how much you know about football. Pathetic really.

Anonymous said...

Question: and forgive me for not knowing as I am new to English Football, since it was a tie who goes on to play Chelsea?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha, a losing draw and notice I spelt losing correctly you illiterate fool.

Going into the lead and then finishing up with a draw rarely happens to us gooners, so please tell us about it. :-) A common football phrase eh? Only at White Fart Lane methinks.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Arsenal's real reserve side were the Academy side.

I wouldn't be too down Arsenal have a hard FA cup game on Sunday there is no reason why Spurs can't replicate european cup form and get the first away win at the Emirates.

Anonymous said...

Typical Arsenal scumbags...!!

I must admit the comment "Last nights game proved to me that Spurts still have a long way to go before they can reach the standards set by Arsenal" did make me laugh...!! Arsenal havent set any standards in the last few years other how to be the most hated team in the country and a bunch of pompus arse-holes!! I give credit where credit is due and in the 2nd half of last night, Arsenal played well, took until the 70th minute before the possession equalled out in your favour but lets face it, for a suppossed 'Top 4' team (who are only hanging in there by a thread i might add!), Spurs tore into you for every minute until that point. Love the way you way of playing football is to find ylour biggest threat on the opposite team and do what you can to take them out of the game by the way, great tactics them boys.. but of course you knew Berbatov was going to rip your defence to shreds, anyway, that aside, he'll be back to do it at the Immigrants, along with King back in defence and Jenas back in midfield and maybe a showing from Rocha, anything is possible...!!

And for all those Arse fans who say that 5th place for us last season was a fluke, bear in mind we were in 4th spot all the way from Dec to the end of the season and kept you fuckers at bay that whole time and it wasnt until a 'fluke' bout of food poisoning that 'fluked' you boys into 4th place...!! Your lucky to be in the CL this season and you know it... last season was a wake up call, just another reminder that although we have a long way to go yet, the Spurs are catching you and will soon enough bring the Arse and their highly-exagerating fans and that Paedo cunt of a manager back down to earth with an almighty thump!

Come on you Spurs!!

Anonymous said...

Be fair - Levy is buying good, maybe he needs to sell more, BUT he has to replace the boss and his team .
We were given a bye in the UEFA CUP (pure luck and unfair to other teams in the competition) but does anyone believe we are strong enough to lift the cup? Soon we'll meet one of the big ones. And then, what?
Is Levy waiting for Jol to lose all the trophies to do something? What a sorry display, gents!

Anonymous said...

wishful thinking, mate. Berba injury is an old one and the last time costed him (and us) a month out. I'll be happy with half of that this time...

EL said...

For what it's worth........

arse**l pretty much seem to have 2 first teams so their youth team is their (real) reserve side. Geddit?

Anyway the point was that Taraabt was said to be in a different class to everyone else. Look forward to seeing him.

Anyone got any info on how Dixon, Defendi and the others are getting on? Anyone here watch the reserves or youth teams?

isthatalump said...

the main problem for spurs as far as i can see is this. when they are going forward they are a handful, with the trickery of lennon and malbranque, while not giving us natural width on the left are at least a bit of a threat. Only when berba is playing though. Without berba this system does not work. the mighty spurs main strength is going forward and what jol does not seem to realise is that the best form of defense is attack. Last night after berba went off jol seemed to decide on a policy of sitting back and letting the scum come at us(for 150minutes martin?). when you have players as big and as quick as the goons have then you cannot expect players like lennon, malbranque, ekotto and ag to form an adequate line of defense. they are too lightweight. zokora looks a bit confused by the pace of the premiership and looks more likely to be sent marching than to provide some service. also the main problems last night again came down the left, how many times? ekotto and robbo the pantomime dames yet again. its gettin a bit repetitive. now i hear that bale might be headin to the scum and if he does i might be a bit fucked off, but im not sure id lose any sleep over it. i would really like to know if he has the potential to play lm or is he too slow? can he hack it at left back because if he's being bought for that position then he had better be a damn sight better than the jokers we've had there recently. in summation we need defenders who can defend, mfs who can time a tackle and create a few chances, forwards who can finish and fucking stay onside, defoe that's you and a manager who does not take tactical decisions based on the kevin keegan book of how to be a footballing tactician. oh and please arse scum go back to your own blogs and kiss each others arses, we can criticise our own team, we don't need your help.

Harry Hotspur said...

At half time I was dancing on the ceiling.

At full time I was crying in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Robbo still captain.
Jol still manager.
Spurs fans telling The Guardian Berbatov is rubbish.
A cold freezing nightmare.
Arse has got two teams. It's their year. They can win it all.
I feel sick.
Get well soon Berba, I liked your celebration.

Anonymous said...

isthalump, cheers, mate, so glad we understand what's all about. Berba is acting as the real captain, has been carrying the burden of responsability on his back without the authority given by the armband. I mean, he's a natural and a fighter, working hard as hell. The crowd loves him, the players follow him and Jol recognises he's the difference. So, utter toss for the dressing room conservatism! King is out, Berba should be vice captain. Why are they still pretending this lack of leadership isn't affecting the performances? And why on earth don't they change it?

Anonymous said...

So may Aresnal fans on this website, are you sure you not really Spurs fans? Come on support the Spurs!!!!


Anonymous said...

I watched taraabt against barnet theothe dayand i cant wait wait to see him in the first team i think it's time spurs went back to the old days when they were more attackin, leave HUDD in the middle to spread the balls and break up play(might need to trim down a bit and speed up but what a huge beast he is!) we need a left winger not a right footed left winger(they don't exist with the exception of nedved) and i'd say get D.Bent in for robbie keane .

Startin to worry that maybe jol is running out of ideas tactically- as soon as berby came off we never looked like scoring and with out the long punt up to berby our midfield doesnt know how to create playin te ball to feet.

Robbo what happened to your 05/06 form come on mate your better than what you have been work on your crosses and talk to your defence more.

MJ i love u but we're missing heart in the team so i think u need to kick their bollocks into touch to wake e up!!!

Other than that we're still in 3 cups 7 points behind 5th all this with an average squad age of 25 maybe less than that.