Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal : Carling Cup Betting Specials

Football prices are strange things and if Spurs were a horse going into a race on Wednesday night it's price would have ballooned. But that isn't the case...

Consequently Tottenham remain mild favourites against a team that has recently smashed Liverpool twice. And tonight they really took the edge off my pork roast by nicking yet another three points from under the little pink nose of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Here are two not inconceivable punts for you to consider...

2-1 to Spurs with Keane to score the last goal. 35/1 with Coral.

Halftime / Fulltime - Ars*nal / Tottenham. 28/1 with Bet 365.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Heres a tip for Wednesday night for you.

Watch and learn how football is played.

Wake up to reality, and if you really want to make some money, bet on the yids to win fukall again as always!!


Anonymous said...

think we will win 4-0 at home we need to score as many as we can at the lane, coz the scum look strong at there place!! what the hell is jol doing over the left side of our team, BARRY please

Frisky said...

I think we'll smash the scum as well and we'll get revenge for that 3-0 defeat at the scumrates.

kilo said...

You gooner cyber gangsters make me laugh.

At the Immigrants tonight more of your big gay shouty brigade were pointing and screaming 'who the **** are you at Man Utd fans who were ignoring you and on the streets outside?

All on the bus home for your tea.
Great to see you're all cut from the sam ecloth.

And you come on here name calling.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, look how a team cheats, dives and constantly breakd every FA rule known to man yet still gets away with it!

Gooners!? Na, they left the house 10 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Some more betting specials

Graham Poll to give the Gooners another 2 dodgy pens - 6/4

Graham Poll to give the Gooners only 1 dodgy pen - 2/5

Arsen*l to cheat - Book closed

FA to accept cheating - Book closed

Anonymous said...

And funny to see Henry bleating everytime someone has the audacity to tackle him. ah diddums. Let's hope Zokora puts him in a f*ckin splint.

bulgarian spur said...

Watched the Arsenal vs Man U game. Arsenal are going to make us look like the laughing stock of the Premiership on Wednesday. It will be a game of us- Spurs (the team of "Blind Hope") vs. Arsenal (the team of 19 year olds who "Can and Believe"). I am sick and tired of Martin Jol's excuses. Frankly, he is not even good enough to be Wenger's waterboy! Our form this season proves that last year was pure luck! What we need is a first rate coach, someone like Luis Van Gaal, who has won trophies and knows how to turn youth and talent into a great force. What has Jol ever won in his illustrious career? As much as it pains me to say it- we stand no chance of winning any trophies while Jol is manager! Hopefully, I will be proven wrong at the end of the season! COYS

biz said...

bulgarian spur - you are a daft pr*ck.

We're in four competitions and look good enough to win at least one cup this season.

We've had terrible injury problems - which Martin Jol cannot be held accountable for, and, dare I say it, Van Gaal couldn't have done much about either.

Stop your moaning you gooner. We don't need haters.

behan said...

After watching the scum dispatch an excellent Man Utd it is easy to have a wobbly.

Let's keep the tar warm and the feathers steady for BMJ and see how they get on as BIZ says in the four competitions before bailing on him quite yet.

Anonymous said...

The best policy is to get into 'em early and keep ratling them for 90 minutes..we do that and we'll win both legs.

Anonymous said...

no leader, no win.
no captain, no strenght, no honour.
the boat is sinking.
and we're not waving, we're drowning.
Is anybody out there?

Anonymous said...

Were not gonna win without the fans!

Anonymous said...

"Some more betting specials

Graham Poll to give the Gooners another 2 dodgy pens - 6/4

Graham Poll to give the Gooners only 1 dodgy pen - 2/5

Arsen*l to cheat - Book closed

FA to accept cheating - Book closed"

Arsenal being unable to score against Spurs without committing a foul, being offside, or benefiting from a dodgy decision - BOOK CLOSED!

Anonymous said...

I occasionally post comments on the various ‘fan’s’ web sites; I feel it is a good way of joining the debate about the club, a player, the manager or a match. This is important when you are physically distanced from the team you love and have supported since the age of eight. Whilst I enjoy the live entertainment of watching my ‘local’ club (Olympique Marseille) I cannot feel the same emotions and commitment that I do for Spurs – even if my support is now only limited to a second-hand rendition of our games presented by the (top-four-blinkered) Sky TV.
So why this long post today on so many sites?.......MARTIN JOL.
I have read with amazement posts on TOP SPURS and SPURS ODDESSY that point clearly to his inability to choose the correct tactics for matches, or more importantly adjust these as the play the demands. Not what any supporter wants to see or hear ahead of a two-legged semi-final against the scum.
But I am equally amazed by the slavish line spouted on NORTH LONDON PRIDE about what a good bloke he is and how everything is so much better than under Pleat/Gross/Francis/Ardiles/Hoddle/Graham/Shreeves.
Well step back in amazement. If those are the benchmarks we have no f---cking chance of ever being more than mediocre.
But nowhere do I see any mention (except some months ago on VITAL) of Chris Hughton’s role and contribution.
Bear in mind Jol was hired as a number two to a so called ‘tactical expert’. Santini was felt to be the kind of manager who could look at the big picture, in conjunction with a sporting director and map out not only short term plans (match to match) but long term plans for the playing side of the club(as he did with Lyon).
To support him in this role, a ‘one of the lads’ trainer/coach/number two was selected who had a good working knowledge of the English game. It was important that this number two was bright, breezy and popular with players and supporters, as well as knowing how to prepare teams for the manager to have the best options available every week.
So, Santini did not work out. But the principle should have been retained.
Instead of which Jol was promoted to AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT JOB and Chris Hughton was given the ‘Jol role’.
I believe it is possible that Jol MAY grow into his role; but not with the back up he has as his number two.
Doesn’t anyone else see Hughton’s negative influence on the team? And those endless scribbles in a notebook. What the f--- is that all about!
Do any of the top four clubs managers leave as much power of suggestion to their assistants?
I think I could guess Ferguson/Mourinho/Wenger/Benitez’s reaction if they had Hughton bending their ears on the touchline and sticking funny drawings under their noses! And if you think this is not a fair comparison, imagine how Martin O’Neil or Mark Hughes, or Sam Allardyce would react!
In conclusion, Jol has made some appalling tactical errors; I cannot ever recall a season where we have had numerical superiority in so many games and ended up defending manically as we are outplayed by the ten men. We hung on against Chelsea, and Blackburn; just managed to nick a point at Fulham; and couldn’t even get into the game against Everton. I feel myself getting angry too when I think of the Reading, Liverpool and Arsenal games. And there are others against very weak opposition where we struggled !
I am certain that Jol has been unduly influenced by Hughton. We do not, I feel, need wholesale changes to our management structure, and God forbid that we fire yet another head coach, but a quiet revolution in which Hughton is removed and replaced would make a hell of a difference to the growth, confidence and style of the teams that Jol picks and sends out to represent the GREAT TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR.

sydney wale said...

regarding that last post, could we ask jonny metgod from feyenoord over for a season?

Anonymous said...

Re: anon 10.58am

You're absolutely right! All the people who've kept Hughton in employment and worked with him without complaint at Tottenham over the last 12 years have no idea what they're doing and the proof of that is that over the last 12 years we've clearly got a lot worse as our league position at the end of the last 12 years shows. If only we had a perceptive genius like you at the helm, all our problems would be sorted. I live in hope.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe in Santa!
I've been saying this for more than a month: something has got to give. Either the club changes and we get something out of this season or the club will have to change after the disaster.