Saturday, January 27, 2007

Spurs vs Southend : Glossy Snaps Galore

Robbo took a rest and it wasn't a disaster after all...

Our glorious leader

'I got one of those winning bottle code things'

It's push and run


x*$~#%{* Me..........!

Did you see the pas de deux on that, son?

Get in!



defo1 said...

i hope we do the same agains arse. we playd some good staff today for 90 min.rocha look good .comon you spurs

behan said...

The Rock,eh? The future's bright, it's Lillywhite!

Anonymous said...

Good win but we're all holding our breath harry for wednesday. So much to do and on their turf. Which I don't really think count for that much a in home advantage for them.

kpsgonenutsagain said...

After our last performance there we need to forget about the cup and just go there and kill them off. COME ON YOU LILLYWHITES!

Anonymous said...

Against Man U, Rock can control Ron, he knows him well. Rock & Ron will have a Portuguese ball!
Nice photos again, HH. Thanks.
And all the best for Berbs. If it wasn't for his performances in the UEFA CUP, the Sport channels here wouldn't have all these Spurs games we have right now. Before, it was almost all Chelsea and MU. Now with Rocha there we'll have a few local fans too.
Keep the faith for Weds, lads.