Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spurs Supporters Membership Survey Email

Essentially a 'toe in the water' exercise from THFC, but one that raises many questions.

Once you wade through the initial questions which appear to be included only to remind members that you do get...... a scarf/keyring/birthday card/lapel pin/etc etc etc as well as a jump on the general public when purchasing tickets....

It is revealed that the Club are toying with a 'Potential New Club Membership Package'. Which would include...

· A much higher priority for home and away match tickets giving you a much better chance to get tickets for the matches you really want to see;
Invitations to exclusive social events for Premium Club Members only;
· Exclusive previews of kit launches and retail sales;
· Free subscription to the monthly Hotspur magazine;
· Exclusive monthly prize draw for a piece of signed merchandise;
· Exclusive product promotions from our Sponsors and Partner

My blood gets up when I see rubbish like the Hotspur subscription thrown in. It has zero percieved value to me or anyone else over the age of 12 and serves only the Club therefore as a mechanism to bump the retail value of the 'product'.

The same is to be said for all the other non ticket purchase related features. If I want to enter a raffle I might do so on a wim if it's FREE to enter but I again absolutely resent having it masqueraded as a 'benefit' to me. It bleedin' ain't.

The last feature of 'promotions from our sponsors etc' is just a disgrace.

Puma or whoever are in commerce with us courtesy of the Club and if there are any 'spins', 'touches' or 'deals' to be done as a result of the vast revenue stream us fans created then again, they ought not to represented as an inclusive benefit within a separately purchased product. That's dishonest.

The questions that begged belief were those that repeatedly addressed the possible spend tolerance of membership purchasers, asking both 'at what point membership would be so expensive you would not consider buying it?' and also ' when would it become so cheap you couldn't believe it was true?'

Both questions supplied as sliding scale of responses, here's question 17:

Q17Using the scale below, at what price would you rate the current Club Membership package to be "SO EXPENSIVE YOU WOULD NOT CONSIDER BUYING IT"?
Click ONE box only













At some point you know folks, the guy that prepared this said, "We'll nearly triple the current spend and see who bites..." He then went off to join the rest of his family who had put on some human clothes and were making tv adverts for PG Tips tea.

Ought there be tiering to the memberships? Shouldn't those of us prepared to galvanise ourselves in the first instance get the best level of service from THFC automatically? Are we not the ideal customers they would wish to see stream ing through their gates? Should we not be wooed, not screwed?! Mmmmmn.

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Seems like a blatent way to bump up the prices and cream a bit more from the fan base. Does this really make a big difference to the club given average gates and the TV income?
I want my club to be one that respects and cherishes my loyalty rather than taking advantage of it like a selfish lover. Feels like my club is moving further and further away from me.

KanKeano said...

I hate to say it but is to pay for Levy's pay rise?

nispur said...

I consider myself a loyal fan but because I live in Northern Ireland the expense of a trip to White Hart Lane means I can only afford a few matches every season. To tier the membership scheme, for me (and probably many like me)would render it a pointless scheme as ticket priority is its main strength!

EL said...

Great article Harry.

Sadly this sort of thing is what I've come to expect from the world of football in general. The only thing which stops me from losing my rag in the face of this sort of greedy arrogance from my club of choice, is that not only have I never been in a position to afford - in time or money - a season ticket but I don't live in N15 anymore or London for that matter so I have to take what I can get when I'm able to get it. I see things like this these days and just shrug my shoulders. Market forces within football is like a runaway train. To stop it I think you'd have to derail the whole thing. Remember; you think fairly but football thinks like a business because that's what it is over and above all else.

Come on you Highly marketable brand!

Anonymous said...

High prices and all cos of that s*******e Levy..

CyprusYid said...

We of the CSSC (Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club), living in Cyprus, are hardly likely to want tickets. Chances are, some of us will get to see SPURS at WHL once a year. So, Membership for us is all about having a card in our pocket and standing up to be counted as Spurs loyal fans. a price!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's people like you Harry that makes people like me hate everything spurs....GOONERS 2nd XI to good for you LOL!!