Monday, January 01, 2007

'Blunder Of Woolies'? Spurs Are Sweet!

More uninformed piffle from the brain surgeons at Canary Wharf. This time Pulitzer Plonker John Cross.

So Spurs have been shopping at Woolworths and not at Harrods? What a load of cobblers. On what do you base that? Upon Liverpool being 6 points above us or simply just a better performing side? Because they achieved that mantle well before the last few transfer expeditions were made, John.

Kuyt over Defoe or Berbatov? Tricky one, but based upon total goals scored across all competitions you appear to have been at the yuletide Baileys. When that chap on the ad is preparing a blender full of the stuff with ice, it's for dozen plus party-goers ringing on his doorbell. You wouldn't want to popping one straw in it and writing about football afterwards.

Craig Bellamy looks full of promise? That's right. And not a whole heap more. Hardly rocked the Anfield world or anyone else's this season has he? Took forever to gel at Blackburn and only achieving marginally more now propped up by one of the most eye-catching midfield's of the Premiership.

Carricks sale to Manchester United looks an expensive mistake? Carrick has done nothing at Old Trafford. Zilch, nada. I think we do miss him. But he didn't want to stay. It wasn't the avarice or stupidity of THFC that put him in an red shirt, it was Carrick himself.

Huddlestone is clearly shaping up to be an incredibly exciting option. His touch is frequently sublime and his corners are miles better than Carricks.

And then you contradict your own twaddle saying that " It is hard to believe that Liverpool's victory ended 12 straight wins at White Hart Lane..." It was John, but not based upon anything you'd written.

Chelsea shop at Harrods and Maureeniho is currently going through her handbag looking for receipts! Wenger gets the coach over to the Hypermarts and always comes home with a bargain or two...

I do like your pick and mix analogy though. We've always had a sweet tooth at Tottenham and we've always had variety.


Anonymous said...

Spot on Mr long is Cross going to be allowed to carry on peddling with his anti-Spurs agenda. He plagiarises from the web on a daily basis(remember his Spurs Puma Shirt exclusive?, and like Beasily and Nixon is no lover of the Lilywhites. I've stopped buying the rag years back, maybe a wholescale consideration from the Spurs faithful to do the same could tamper the Mirror's urge to pour scorn on the club...maybe you can set an example by ignoring anything the rag prints about us and treat it with the contempt it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Hes right about the left back postion. Give RZ a go!!! Otherwise he wrote bollocks!!

LarnacaYid said...

That has got to be the most blatantly obvious piece of anti Spurs Bullzhit I have had the displeasure to read for ages.
I'll never pick up a copy of that crap paper again, not even to wipe my batty crease with. He is a total and utter Clunt.

Anonymous said...

The Mirror used to be run by Arse fan Piers Morgan and supports an anti-Jewish religion (Islam), what else do you expect from that rag

paddythegreek said...

Errr, How is the Mirror pro Islam in particular again?

mel gibson said...

"The Mirror used to be run by Arse fan Piers Morgan and supports an anti-Jewish religion (Islam), what else do you expect from that rag"

I think YOU are the real rag.

Anonymous said...

Morgan is a gooner, no longer there though.

Harry Hotspur said...

Not really interested in 'religous debate' lads...

Anonymous said...

Ok. So Harrys comments are totally spot on until Anon 11:24 comes along. I am a Muslim who has supported Spurs for over 25 years

Harry Hotspur said...

11.24 is quite possibly a total idiot an in no way reflects the views held by HH. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

we need to win today guys!! martin jol should pick this team:::

Radek Cerny

Chimbonda Dawson King Assou Ekotto

Lennon (If Fit of course!!) Malbranque Huddlestone Zokora

Berbatov Defoe!

obviously you will have noticed there is no robbo! while i love paul robinson i feel he needs to be taken out of a very bad patch of form as its just getting worse!

come on you spurs!

thoughts please?!

Vinny said...

1-0 to the sailors!...f*ck it!, when is MJ going to realise Ghaly is a liability. I love you MJ, but what is he showing you in training to convince you he can produce more than his piss poor performances of late???...foul throw to concede possession leading up to the goal!!! what next man???

Anonymous said...

Ghaly is proving to be awful.

Vinny said...

1-1, not bad considering it was a tricky little fixture and no King,Lennon, Keane or Jenas. Thanks for replacing Ghastly with Murphy MJ, at least the scouser knows how to pass the ball. Back in 7th place now with a minus goal deficit. Think the last couple of games show we have a large squad but not the quality in depth neccesary to reach that top 4 berth yet, maybe next year?. Can't complain too much though as our transfer outgoings almost equal our incomings and even a top 7 place and in Europe and all cups still represents a decent improvement on our previous 10 to 14th finshes in prem and non-Europe pre-Jol era.

Anonymous said...

Ghaly lost 4 teeth and not even a faul was given !!!!
Anoter class show by Berbs. Too bad he couldn't score again !!! guess he's starting to be affected by it ( hope not!!!)
Do we have a team to beat Cardiff?
your views on this, please...

singaporeyid said...

the first half was poor but at least we picked up in the second. Ghaly did not have a good game at all and Benjani's goal was down to him losing possession but i do have some sympathy for him after what happened. Most players would have given up but he still fought and i believe he deserves a chance. This is his first season after all.
I dont think murphy should go until we get good cover.

My take on the performances:
Robinson - did not have much to do but makes irrational calls at times, needs to communictae better with his defenders

Davenport and Dawson - twin towers, both had a great game, beginning to appreciate davenport a lot more now

Chimbonda - had a good game as usual

Lee YP - tough one, defensively a lot better than BAE and did well again but needs to be better upfront

Huddlestone - not one of his better games

tainio - did not play well, but zokora deserved to be dropped after his stinker against liverpool.

Malbranque - probably his best game for us yet. much better on the right definitely

Defoe - did not hav a good game. seemed wierdly casual at times and onli had one shot that troubled the keeper.

Berbatov - created the equalizer and getting better and better with each passing game.

Given the performance, I feel malbranque should play on the right til lennon returns, Murphy deserves a go in the centre with huddlestone with ziegler/routlede/tainio on the left.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Ghaly played too badly... Lay off him! Although I can't quite understand MJs policy of not playing his form players.