Sunday, December 24, 2006

Newcastle vs Tottenham Autopsy

I still have yet to see the 'highlights' but I can guess and that's what depresses.

I don't think Jol is the problem. What we need to do is lose this intermittent fragility. And how the hell exactly, do we do that?

I thought that this was a more pivotal game than Man City.

It was a means of demonstrating that we'd turned some class of a corner. An opportunity for Spurs to put some clear water between us and teams like the Toon. They get knocked out the Cup by a team that we beat in the league. We stay in the Cup. We beat them.

Clear water. Of Sorts. A bit of form.

But no.

Back to square one of sorts. Back to the vulnerable performances against Reading and the Arse.

Why oh why?????

At least the Hotspur cellar is fabulously well stocked at this time of year to help cushion, in part anyway, the misery and consternation.


defo1 said...

we are very bad way from home .robinson had e very bad game,but if we win villa and liverpul we gone be back in track.comon you spurs.comon you spurs

Anonymous said...

Don't be too upset. There are good times ahead!!

defo1 said...

we need to buy richartson from M unite or simao from benfika if we wont succes.good luck spurs

defo1 said...

anyone for richarson or simao

Anonymous said...


richarson or simao are Shite!!!!!!

defo1 said...

simao cost 12m and richartson 5m

dannyboy said...

no more changes - just need to establish the squad we got - thats half the problem in my opinion.

come on you spurs, as harry says, on your bike and 9 points from xmas, fuck the bike.


Harry Hotspur said...

Let's get the HUGE talent we have galvanised!

We are on paper, in the luxurious position of having a tremendous squad. Our 'problem' is getting the kind of consistancy out of it that scares people.

We can, on our day, play Chelsea and bleedin' well beat them.

We can also 'fail to show' as el and Danny have both quite rightly pointed out.

THAT is our ONLY problem. Haha.

Hey, we're still seventh. And we've youth on our side. Danny Murphy wants a VC for that goal!


colchester spur said...

Spurs need to get a grip or go put and buy someone who will.

Go on the Harry!

Up the Hotspur Blog & all the best for Christmas mate

Marco said...

At last a good article on this blog, Non Fickle which is a start!

Anonymous said...

marco - have a read thru the archive you plum

Beachbum said...

Why not give Barnard a chance?He has scored a lot of goals for the reserve team.Also,I think Robinson should be rested.He is out of form,
and Spurs have a first class second keeper.