Friday, December 15, 2006

John Terry - He's Rubbish.

John Terry, CURRENT England captain, ladies man, bookies' runner and all round disgrace to football took time out from being full time chav to whine to anyone who'd listen this morning over THAT well earnt red at WHL.......

"On the pitch Graham Poll said to me it was for the barge on Ghaly where I just kept running ... (That's called fouling, John) Then after the game he said it was for the fall when me when me and Ledley King fell so, you know, " (We DON'T John, do go on, you lying scumbag..)

"He's obviously had a look at it, or got peopole to have a look at it and probably decided it's probably the best option for him and it covers every angle for him."

Terry's decision to protest the charge of improper conduct is frankly hilarious. Chelsea have already been laughed out of Soho Square once in relation to this whole 'Graham Poll said nasty things to us and is making things up' debacle.

What this tiresome thug has failed to pass comment upon of course is why in the hooha as he was sent off at WHL, only the black players from Tottenham's ranks went nuts as he trudged off without protest.

Terry, you are a dog. England expects a captain with integrity as well as talent.

HH looks forward to Terry being exposed for what he is VERY soon.

Jose Maureeniho was too busy being listening to the voices in his head telling him everyone was out to get him to comment...


Anonymous said...

Great to see Defoe given a run and putting them away more often. Long may it continue.

el said...

Harry, I prefer it when you're being positive or humorous but horses for courses eh! I would also like to see terry 'found out' but why give captain chav more web space?

Now, how about an away win.

Go on the Spurs!

Harry Hotspur said...

You're probably right, el, but that charmless nurk really does get my goat!

I thought we looked organised last night. Aside from their goal which was textbook awful. But 11/1 is 11/1.

Huddlestone is benefiting from the run out alright but I wince everytime he gives the ball away. I can see a draw dropping goal in the hopefully non too distant from him. He has a rocket shot ready to go there.

Defoe you little beauty. Every goal is an old sock stuffed into the gobs of your critics. Get in there against City and do it again, son.

dannyboy said...

man city 0 spurs 2
defoe and hudds to score
0 0 half time
what odds hh bookmaker ?!

Harry Hotspur said...

The word appears to be out.

Huddlestone is preparing to score!!!!

Anonymous said...

Terry is a cnut and u're right for chasing him mate. Sooner he's shown up that trying to nick a game by crying to the ref all the is wrong the better. hate the cnut. love England hate the Chelskii way. COYS