Sunday, December 17, 2006

IntoCity Awayday Win For Tottenham

Well it was Huddlestone who shone.

Gave one, made one.

What a gent.

Stuart Pearce did what he does best. Shouted, pointed and generally deepened the lines on his face telling all and sundry no one could care as much about City's fortunes as he. And had he not been there, the second half would have been less about City than it was.

Much of the Tottenham dominance in the first 45 was counterbalanced by the men that Pearce had clearly screamed at on half time and after.

Barton's goal was absolute class and it's a pity that Defoe didn't convert to match it at the other end. He really does look as fit as a butcher's dog. There must be an avalanche of goals in Defoe for Spurs yet. Hats off to the club for putting the Man Utd rumours to bed.

Penalty? Mmmnn. Steed had a go at the ball and then a nip at the man. Spurs were lucky not to get stung. And so a comprehensive victory was nibbled at but not quite polished off, by a peckish but unravenous Manchester City.

Huddlestone has made another claim on a regular spot, but the real question is why against an 'okay' City, why were Berba and Defoe goalless? Breadth and depth is all well and good, but let's supply the forwards, eh?


MGS said...

To older supporters:-
Doesn't Huddlestone remind you in build and style of the late great John Charles?

el said...

Good writing Harry.

Huddlestone or Davenport man of the match depending on which paper you read. Love it!

Sorry first poster, I'm not quite that old.

I wonder how high in the league we could actually get by february?

sydney wale said...

Everyone's raving about Big Tom now, didn't take long! He looks like real class! Struck his goal beatifully.
King Hudd Dawson are a strong trio to have in that part of the park. Like to see them start as many games together this season with defoe and berbatov up front.

Anonymous said...

Harry Hotspur said...

The word appears to be out.

Huddlestone is preparing to score!!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006 7:37:00 PM +00:00

Danny Pugsley said...

First time I've really seen Huddlestone play - must say I was impressed. The reason you sold Carrick?

sydney wale said...

no pugsley, he felt the alure of the manchester moola too much and so packed his bags. But what a prospect Big Tom is as his replacement?

Anonymous said...


Harry Hotspur said...

Michael who??