Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hoddlestone, Huddlestone.

All this recent talk of Tom 'Hoddlestone' made me quite nostalgic. For a time of iffy haircuts, unnecessarily short shorts and Garth Crooks talking normally.

'Match Weekly' and 'Shoot!' magazines, who provided not only line drawings of Saturday's goals, but the Ask The Referee cartoon and my personal joy, the ads of 'collectors clubs' who for only a few new pence in postal orders could supply even the most far flung fan with last week's programme. Or mad, random, goody bags like, '1967 Cup Final plus 4 mixed Aways for £3,25.'

And what was with those charcoal likenesses, 'hand drawn by our official artist?' Most of them looked like Ian Rush, Kenny Sansom or what a lovechild of that pairing might resemble. And they were Christmas/ Birthday present money. Ridiculous.

Of course, this was before Hoddle enrolled at the David Icke Fruit & Nut Acadamy Of Public Speaking.

But on the pitch he was once a joy. Here's to Huddlestone giving us as much in his own way.


el said...

Nice one Harry. Those were the days. That cockerel in the middle of the v neck was one of my favourite shirts and boy do I miss the shelf.

dannyboy said...

lets not get carried away - hoddle was, and still is, a god. the most skilful player I have ever witnessed in a spurs shirt. if he was brazilian, he would have had a 100 caps.
hoddleson has got the potential to be as good as the master, but has a long way to go.
anyway, fantastic memories Harry, well done mate.

what about the goal he scored against notts forest? goal of the season i think - the 1 that didnt touch the floor from daines boot until it was in the back of the net via 2 spurs headers, cica 1979.

oh boy - work is gonna have to wait, i can feel memory bubbles coming on........shoot, match weekly, saint & greavsie, the big match, the shelf - sigh


Harry Hotspur said...

It doesn't take much to remind us why we're in deep, does it?