Monday, November 06, 2006

Chelsea Leave Tottenham With Heads Held Low.

It gets better. Serial whingers Chelsea now seem determined to earn another humiliating wrist slapping from Soho Sq. The possible charges against Jose Mourinho and & Co. might include...

  • Failing to control players after Ballack's booking.
  • Critical remarks made by Jose against Graham Poll. "Instead of looking at the ball that Drogba scores, Graham Poll notices a John Terry foul 20 metres away." What a complete fool.
Of course, The Chosen One is no stranger to being told to behave himself. Cheatski have been charged 3 times in 2 seasons for failing to control players. Whilst they are in there, perhaps they could run through a few other areas with the Champions to help improve the sportsmanship and overall quality of the Premiership.
  • When you're booked, Ballack, take your card and shut up.
  • When a referee tells you to move the wall back, Cole, shut up and do it.
  • Terry, the England captaincy does't give you diplomatic immunity. Stop fouling.
  • And John, don't pick on our match stewards, it doesn't actually make you look hard.
  • With the possible exception of Rob Styles, stop talking to the Referees, they don't care.
So you see, Mr Petulant, you can stick your bottom lip out and bleat on about " Two - Zero" and Eleven versus Eleven and Ten versus Eleven all you want.... But watching you implode on your own unpleasant brand of paranoia and bullying will be the best game we've seen in ages.


Anonymous said...

Harry, don't become a serial whinger like chelski, it is at times like this when it is better to write about the great result and the excellent game of football witnessed by all and sundry. One moment i enjoyed was the manner in which JM congratulated MJ and the players and crowd at the end of the match. A far cry from the proceedings a few miles down the road. The truth is when a team loses nowdays it is the fashion to have a whinge. It ain't gonna change. Nor will the fact that sunday's gane was a great advert for premiership football. And it took two good sides to make it that good, if only all games were like that, we would need a capacity of 100,000 not 60,000. If we we continue to play that well who know's how high we will climb in the league. Gonnfraburton grove here we come.

Harry Hotspur said...

I'm merely chasing their ambulance to the end of our street, which is, allowed.

Unfortunately, JM's 'generosity' in shaking hands with MJ will be overshadowed by the interview (four minutes of which centered upon Poll) he gave to Sky after the match.

Jol is always kind in victory and just a little humbled in defeat.

Which is just one of the reasons that cyber clowns like me don't tend write hatchet jobs on him very often.


Anonymous said...

There are some interesting questions in response to your points.

- When Poll gave the foul to Chelsea instead of letting Robben play on when he was in the are with no-one in front of him, Ballack complained about not playing the advantage and got booked. Bizarre but fine. But when he was due to take the free kick from that exact same point, where would you like him to move away to?

- When you're already ten yards from the ball, how can you move to 10 yards away from the ball?

- If anyone anywhere can discern Terry's foul (only whistled and indicated when he was leaving the area) can it be described here? No-one anywhere has yet worked out what it was.

- Since when have 4th officials taken direction from match stewards?

- If a foul is given, the player wants to take it and the referee blocks it from being taken, what rule stops the player saying whatever he wants?

An answer would be instructive, I'm sure.

Harry Hotspur said...

Hopefully someone can answer all your questions. A qualified referee would be useful here really.

I'll attempt two.

Ten yards - is infuriatingly enough subject to the referees judgement. They don't carry one of those measuring wheels on a stick that click. I've lost count over the years how many walls I've seen that were either less than 8 feet away or over 12 feet away.

Until the system is improved, Ashley Cole can shut up and follow the instruction of the referee. This isn't a forum, the referee is the decision maker.

If a referee blocks... do you mean prevents? Or inadvertently obstructs - gets in the way and the ball hits him?

We're back again to ungentlemanly conduct and dissent if the player cannot keep his head. Players cannot shout at and attempt to intimidate the referee. They are obliged by the laws of the game to BEHAVE THEMSELVES.

Terry's contact was highlighted by Andy Gray on Sky Sports 1 'The Last Word.' Gray didn't think it was sufficient to see Terry walk, but perhaps Gray hadn't had an afternoon's fill of Terry's incessant niggling and whining as Poll clearly had.

Without wishing to offend, you make points that might sound the part for a barrack room lawyer, but where do they sit in relation to a game of football and huge numbers of people week in week out deriding the success of Chelsea because of the appalling manner in which they behave?

What Chelsea need to learn - and the quicker the better - is that sportsmanship isn't for w*nkers.

Anonymous said...

pride of london is one shit site harry - can't you stop'em spamming you?

Harry Hotspur said...

Good luck to them.

They obviously didn't have the wrong end of 10,000 hits today to occupy themselves with.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Ashley Cole!!

When will he learn to keep his mouth shut?
His latest outburst after losing to the mighty spurs is priceless.

Cole said: "When I was at Arsenal and we started to win things, the referees started to question our discipline and give us yellow cards. I have come to Chelsea and it's exactly the same."It started to get like that at Arsenal. Patrick Vieira started to get sent off for two yellow cards when it wasn't a caution. I had it at Arsenal and now I'm getting it here.

The poor boy, everywhere he goes he gets picked on for just being successful. Even his former club picked on him for having sneaky meetings with his new employers a few seasons ago. Then they really put the boot in by offering him 55 grand a week and not 60. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, everyone just wants to give him a hard time. Does he realise what value he has to Fleet Street with his whingeing? Can he really be as crass or paranoid in real life?

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Cole/Tweedy lovenest.

We know how good this Chelsea mob are at digging their own graves so let's move on Harry. Everyone in football knows the cut of their jib and sniggers every time they open their foolish gobs. I would be dying of embarrassment if I was a Chelsea fan. Obviosly Cole has no grasp of the meaning of the word.

I hate fickle whingers! said...

F*** me Harry you really are an insult to the real Harry Hotspur, I know that you won't post this as you only allow posts from people that love licking your backside but you talk total shite sometimes and look out is someone does not agree with you.
Racist, Homophobic, hostile and wrong.

Anonymous said...

7.43 / 82.110.76,

You've been thrown off numerous sites. What makes you think that HH is interested in you?

Chavscum Disgrace said...

I was appalled by the mount of NF amongst the chelsea fans yesterday. As well as the constant gas chamber mimicking hisses of all the chelsea fans who were at the Lane, I also spotted at least two flags bearing the swastika emblem.

On the way home I had the misfortune to be surrounded by Chelsea fans singing racist and anti - semitic songs.

All tatooed , all skin head, all beer bellied orges. even the children.

filthy scum. the worst fans in the land.

I also cant believe what JTerry said to our magnificent captain. Maybe Terry should be stripped of the england captaincy for his incessant racist bile aimed at all our black players. Lampard, Ballack and Robben also were also guilty.

Anonymous said...

We need the odd ignorant racist bigot around so the majority of us know who we should be avoiding and how not to behave.

Wasn't it Terry who several years ago got into a fight with a bouncer at the Wellington club in Knightsbridge? Allegedly when he wasn't allowed in he responded with the immortal words;

"Do you know how much I earn?"

Was caught on camera that time too if I remember rightly. What a complete chav c*nt.

dannyboy said...

quite simply put - the referee is in charge and what he says goes. it is the same for both sides. the likes of moaninho and arsene wank*r really could learn from the humility and maturity of the big martin jol.

over the past 2 seasons, we've had decisions go against us but get on with the game. when its finished we dont go crying to the nearest sky sports commentator or the scum newspaper.

it is though arsescum and chelski believe they have the right to win every game. the truth of the matter, they both got the hump because they lost - one of the few times you will see me cheer a spammers goal !! oh i so wish pardew had decked the whinging frenchman - its gonna happen, remember jol last year? thissss close!!!

anyhow, spurs won, chelski lost, fairly and squarely (we scored the winner before terry was sent off) and the tide is turning in north london.

finally a prediction - chelski will win premiership, spend 100million in the summer and win it again next year.

oh and HH, keep on posting honest blogs we can all have a point of view on.


Harry Hotspur said...

Your wish is my remand, er command DB!

Harry Hotspur said...

10.25 of yesterday...

I took the time to respond to you and you have yet to reply.

I tell you what, you came on to this silly billy blog as an intellectual and now you leave as a schmuck.

Anonymous said...

HH why are you going down to a schmucks level?!

Harry Hotspur said...

Well, he came across so determined... ahhh I guess that no mark Cheatski reeled me in!

Cusop said...

Hackett is right.. A referee does not have to explain a decision to anyone. The captains armband is not required by the laws of the game nor does it infer any privileges. When the ball is flight once the whistle is blown by the referee the ball is the ball is then out of play.. Two yellows equal a red. Terry received to yellow cards.

All the yellow cards given were for offences..


Moan rinho is not a referee!!

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Cusop,

Please untangle your fingers and lay off the booze.

All the best


Cusop said...

yep but right though!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not coming back sooner, Harry. Unfortunately your site is too uninteresting to visit too often.

You attempted two answers.

The first: wasn't any kind of answer to anything. What's to respond to?

The second isn't an answer to anything either. If the Ref hangs around how can you say the player is surrounding the ref when he's about to take a kick? That's where he's supposed to be.

So, you made 5 points. I asked 5 questions. You posted two pieces of gibberish and three failures to explain what point you were making in te first place.

Those 5 questions still remain and you have no answers to any of them.

Football blogs are for wankers, it seems. Why did you start this one again? Poor dopey Harry.

Harry Hotspur said...

Get back to me when you're sober.

Anonymous said...

Harry I don't understand why you get all this stick off idiotic, ill-informed and intolerable people. If the previous person who posted truely believes "blogs are for w*nkers! Perhaps he should spend less time on them.

If you don't agree with his comments then why visit his site? I especially cannot understand Chelsea and Arsenal and Wet Spam fans coming on the site...oh yeah, perhaps this is due to the fact that you have poor fan bases. Even if you disagree with that snide comment you surely cannot dispute that your fellow fans are far too illiterate and Neanderthal-esque to operate a computer, let alone possess the capacity to write a message on a website.

If you don't like what he says...go away and leave the man alone.

Anonymous said...


Probably still high on crack he lit off the bum of his Fulham houseboy, he calls 'Terry'.

Harry's sound, if only for the Cheatski tw*ts he attracts. Lol.

YID ARMY said...

10.29 of 08.011.06

You thought you were a f*cking wise guy and old harry shot you to pieces so badly you only came back when you were pissed.

Harry 1(and the rest) Chelsea 0

Anonymous said...

Perfectly sober, thanks. Enough to mnotice you still haven't justified any of your points. 0 for 5. Make an attempt at least. How does a person retreat from a position he's supposed to be standing in? How does a person move ten yards when they're alredy ten yards? Describe the foul? Do referees take direction from stewards?

If you have no answers beyond waffle, withdraw the bogus complaint. At the moment it's feeble assertion based on nothing at all.

And if you wondered where the "wankers" remark came from, look at HH's first response. If sportsmanship isn't for wankers, how come bloggers get to pontificate on it?

Poor old Harry and his illiterate chums...

Anonymous said...

8.57 here again just to argue some of these points (you embittered Chelsea fans just cannot take losing can blatently obvious from your whinging almost a week later)

How does a person retreat from a position he's supposed to be standing in?

The referee is the rule master, decision-maker and for all purposes concerned 'god' on the pitch. If he is dissatisfied then the player must respond accordingly, end of. Only Chelsea players think that they are above the law...

How does a person move ten yards when they're alredy ten yards?

Ashley Cole was clearly not ten yards (if this is the incident I believe you are talking about - i might be incorrect otherwise). Poll paced out the steps. If indeed I have got the wrong incident then it would be, and I promise you this will be in the match report, for players AGAIN not responding to the referee's decisions. Every team in the country has decisions which go against them week in, week out, only this is not highlighted because we don't all have pestulant managers like Jose or Arsene. If the players do not adhere to the referee (rightly or wrongly) then they will be rightly punished

In lehmans terms to answer your question the player retreats because that is the order given by the match official which is indisputable.

Describe the foul?

In my opinion something has clearly gone on in the box simply due to the furious reactions of Zokora and Chimbonda. Look again and see the insensed players - now to me this clearly is to do with what mr terry 'said'. Whether this is what Mr Poll sent him off for is disputable (and Poll has said to the contrary) but if indeed he has made a racist comment then even if the referee has sent him off for other reasons, he is guilty and deserves the red card. I believe it was for a push on Ledley King and then the subsequent encounter afterwards,

please note:
1) Terry had been talking to Poll throughout the game trying to get Spurs players booked

2) Terry was dismissed without complaint. He did not even attempt to protest his innocence. Disbelief and compaint is the first thing an innocent player does when he has been sent off.

Do referees take direction from stewards?

Sorry, fail to understand this question. If you are trying to imply your beloved Captain was sent from the field of play because Mr Poll sought the advice of the match steward is perposterous and further undermines your argument, making you and your team of whingers look even more farsical.

The rules are in desperate need of revision, players have no right to swear at referees nor question their decisions. Football should take a lesson from Rugby where any complaining/swearing/lack of respect/failure to comply results in immediate action. There is a gulf in class between an England rugby captain addressing the official as "Sir" and an england football captain saying "oi you f*cking w*nker that was a sh*t decision"...what a bunch of role models

Anonymous said...


minus 8.24 makes you 3 and a bit hours soberer.

Chelsea fan you are. Interesting read you are not. Just f*ck off and go and haunt some one who cares.

Mnotice I'm straight so my spelling is perfect.

Cole is tw*t. Marry him if you want, but please, f**k off...

Harry Hotspur said...


11 out of 10. Thankyou.