Saturday, October 28, 2006

Watford In For A Kicking

Rumour has it that a ex failure has tipped Tottenham to bungle against Watford this week.

Writing as objectively as I can, this clown can whistle. Moustache or not, sunbeam, we know your game...

I predict a goal fest and expect our strikers to continue their good work. Watford are a superb stepping stone from the part time rubbish of MK Dons to decent Premiership outfits. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until he leaves us... C'MON DEFOE!


Sydney Wale said...

Today's game at Watford is a good chance of a win, 3 points and continuing our mini run. It looks like the injury situation has cleared up so it also will be a great chance to see what this squad is really capable of doing this year.

Best Wishes and Good Luck!

dannyboy said...

i think jol may play mido and berbatov up front today?
i hope he continues with jenas and huddlestone in the middle.
back 5 picks itself again. lennon right and murphy left.
lots of crosses for a few headed goals.
great chance to give a prem club a spanking - well overdue.
lets hope we dont send out the spurs of old and give an opposing team their 1st win!


Anonymous said...

Looks like some of us still don't know the meaning of caution or humility. watford scored a good goal which luckily for us was given offside and one of theirs missed a sitter. We however had 8 attempts on target to their 2 and their goalkeeper had a blinder so all in all the draw was probably a fair reflection of what the two teams had to offer.

Which goes to show that inspite of recent improvements and quality summer aquisitions we're still on this showing a pretty similar team to last year. Unable to finish off teams much lesser than us on paper. A killer instinct has still not been developed in the squad. There's work to be done.

Come on you players!
Come on you Jol!
Come on you Hughton!


Harry Hotspur said...

ML 1 HH 0

sydney wale said...

So much for the goal fest Harry....a wasted opportunity that may be shown in evidence against us at the end of the season.

Yes indeed 5:01!! Still unable to bury lesser opposition......doesn't bode well for when we play the top 4. We've already lost to Man U and Liverpool.

Still, at least we're chowing consistency!!

alan hansen said...

oi harry, leave my mate lawro alone - he's a trembling wreck since your attack!!

Harry Hotspur said...

That was a diaboloical performance, eh, Alan?

alan hansen said...

(to be read in a scottish accent)

diabolical, my friend, is a just word. not scoring means you don't win games - as obvious as saying you wont win anything with kids.
if i was jol, double shooting practice for all.
och aye.

Harry Hotspur said...

Harry is negotiating a transfer deal and will be back in 10 days or so..