Saturday, October 14, 2006

Vital Spurs Football - "All Hell's Broken Loose"

This was posted in the small hours of Friday night to HH by an anonymous Vital Editor. It's an e-mail from Vital to all it's editors... It was recieved by the editor three days ago.

" Just a quick email to apologise for our downtime.Unfortunately something that should never occur has occurred on our servers and that hasled to the Microsoft software driving them being corrupted.

We've spoken to a few expertswho have never come across this problem but unfortunately that doesn't help any of us.We are working hard to get the network back up and are hoping that will occur today, mostprobably later this afternoon.

From our side of things we've had little or no problems for our first year and then on ourcompanies anniversary (we went live Oct 24th 2005) all hell has broken loose.We are now investing further on servers and technology although to be fair, even with thisinvestment, the current problem could not have been accounted for, it is just bad luck.We are as keen to get the system back up as you are and again apologise for this mostunfortunate downtime.


The DirectorsVital Networks Limited. "

Clearly, the problem is taking longer to fix than expected....


Anonymous said...

will we be seeing a similar apology for downtime coming from the staff and directors at THFC?

Anonymous said...

anon 10.24
dont be stupid - the site was down for maintenance and new features.
get a life

Anonymous said...

anon 11:08
get a sense of humour

Blog head said...

Anon 11.08

Lick my groin

Anonymous said...

that's the most sensible thing I've heard from you blog head......actually, that's the only thing I have ever heard from you!

Anonymous said...

harry - you on holiday???

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say it looks like Vital Spurs Football may have run out of money to keep it running!!! Another Dot com company who

Bad management and a bad business model for a Dot com company, which no real income revenue.

BBCs two Dragon Den would never invest in Vitals website.

To survive Vital must raisde income from advertising, or they will go of the way of the Dodo!!!