Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spurs Recovery : Patient Up & About, Occasionally Scoring

Great to see the clouds of depression lifting from over The Lane as this time Ahmed Mido rediscovered the the class that is required to bury the ball.
Pardew must have hoped to at least scrape a point, but his worries are his own as West Ham found Paul Robinson, Aaron Lennon & Co in unforgiving form.
Needles to say, more goals would have welcomed, but this is a victory not to be sniffed at. We look much improved on earlier performances, with Huddlestone for one benefitting from another first XI run out.
Watford away ought not hold any fear really. Fulham made a total hash of their trip there, but Fulham are rubbish - so no suprises there. COYS!


EL said...

Great to see Big Tom settling in. As I've said many times in the past, he'll be carrick with nobs on once he's got enough games under his belt. Would love to see a midfield of:

Malbranque Zokora Lennon


Great result today. Good to see Davids responding well to being dropped and good to see Mido looking capable of giving Berby a run for his money on the ground rather than just looking like a stumbling target man for hopeful hoofed punts. Martin & Chris seem to be pulling not just the team but the whole squad into a consistant and cohesive unit no matter who's on the field. Here's hoping it continues.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...

Loking good for us at the moment.....steady progress!!

Seems like the Hammers are suffering since the 2 argies got on board.

going down like the Belgrano,
going down like thew Belgrano,
going down like the Belgrano!
(sung to the tune of Go West)

Anonymous said...

Carrick with nobs on is not how i would describe the potential of the Hud, a more complete player than the G-d himself Glen Hoddle is his true potential. Huddlestone already has the one thing that Hoddle lacked, and that was the ability to get stuck in with strong tackles and putting his head where it hurts. His passing will only get better and the way he creates time on the ball and can find a player in space is crucial in the fast pace of the prem. The future is brigh, its lillywhite. COYS


Anonymous said...

Tommy Hoddles'son will be our new star this year. He has the perfect opportunity to really make it this year albeit as second fiddle to Zak-attack who I feel will have a patchy season despite a strong start. I am optimistic that MJ will treat him well and give him the chances this year without too much expectation. He does look good in the holding midfield position. Strength and skill......reminds me a bit of paul Stewart when he played there for us.

Big shout to King Ledley. Massive!!! R U watching Sol!

Harry Hotspur said...

Carrick is a disaster at Man Ure which is great to see. Sunday was second game I've seen him be invisible for them.

All I would say is Sir Alex is giving him a run - maybe MJ ought tinker less with us? Murphy is almost a good example of this!

EL said...

Dearest Dazzler,

Big Tom better than Hoddle?

..hang on! I know you. Are you Tom Huddlestone?

But seriously, I don't know about you but I lived through the Hoddle days. All of them. And spent many many saturdays at the lane. I'm VERY familiar with just how good Hoddle was. Sure Huddlestone has the potential to be a better tackler but Hoddle was probably the best passer of the ball the world has ever seen. He was also capable of banging in well over 20 goals in a season from anywhere within a 35 yard area around the goal. So steady on with the Hoddle references but I like and share your optimism for Big Tom.

Exciting times.


Anonymous said...

Here here Yid 15.

Impossible to use the Hoddle comparison to anyone since he hung up his boots. Rightly said, ,the Hod could score goals from anywhere even as a youngster and I don't see that In Huds game.

As I said in my previous post, I think Paul Stewart circa 1991/2 would be a better model for young Tom. Strong, skillfull, simple. And he has got black curly hair.......

Love to all my brethren and sistren

Anonymous said...

An oppinion says:

Big Tommy much more potential than paul stewart.

Anonymous said...


I said he has the potential to be better that Hoddle. (and even if he's 80% of Hoddle he'll be world class) I too saw the great man play week in week out and he is my all time favorite player and as you say the best passer of the ball possibly ever. But i truelly see that Tom has amazing potential and to say the he could be the next Carrick or Paul Stewart (did you ever see him play??? I did and it wasn't pretty) doesn't do his potential justise.

Now correct me if i'm wrong but Hoddle never scored 20 goals in a season so that comparission is slightly unfair. I think a bit part this season and then MJ will have to give him a regular place.


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, isn't it nice to be in a position to debate whether Spurs have a player that could be as good as Hoddle. All credit to MJ and DL for putting the club in such a good position and buying young, exciting, talentted English players.


dannyboy said...

anon 12.32
im pretty sure hoddle had one season where he scored about 22 goals from midfield. i used to watch him week in week out, and to this day he remains the best player i have ever seen.

i think its a bit unfair to compare huddlestone to him though at whatever %age!

huddlestone is his own player and needs time to develop and realise his potential, but if he continues to play like he has against besiktas and spammers, he'll go far. looking forward to seeing him become a world class player at the lane and then jol turning down 25mil from man ure or chelski for him !!!!


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

They enjoyed kicking us while we were down so I am happy to reciprocate.