Sunday, September 10, 2006

Big Ron Manager For Tottenham?

First up, I think the performance put in by Spurs was no disgrace.

Giggs and Ronaldo were nothing but a menace. Beyond the goal, the Tottenham defense weathered well. Chimbonda, for a debut, was tip top. His ability to read the ball, tackle and deliver the ball well into enemy territory was all really positive stuff.

My issue has to be with the tactics employed by Jol. The 'auto select' of Davids is becoming a chore. In one stroke Murphy is sidelined again and Zakora impeded. Our two key distributors sacrificed for the panicking Predator.

Jenas was 'more evident' this time, but does not have the clarity of purpose that Carrick had with pinging the ball into attacking spaces. Zakora ought to be hitting these balls.

If gossip is true, no wonder that Defoe wanted off to Portsmouth. Jol has no confidence in him at all. With Berbatov out - Jol seized the the opportunity not to employ the striker who struck twice for his country midweek, but reverted to playing Keane up front with Mido. Keane was isolated and consequently ineffective. You could see the frustration on his face as he was subbed.

Into the second half when we failed to genuinely hurt the United defense, we largely degenerated into Robinson's long punt into Mido. The scraps of which balls left the boxed in Defoe tussling ... Defoe's miss timed header was his own business, but would not the best way around Rio Ferdinand been on the floor in created space where Defoe is at his best, rather than off the top of Mido's head?

I'm having problems following the logic of Jol's tactics and wonder if they in part explain why we are failing to be equal at least to the sum of our parts? We had some terriffic possession and I don't feel it was just Man Utd that stopped us from achieving more with it...


Anonymous said...

Jol is starting to worry me greatly. his tactics are not proving great. but he sticks by them.

We see him pick Jenas every week, but the boy is useless. and i do mean useless. his vision is terrible. he misses so many "through balls" and wide passes which could set up attacks.

Our defence was shown how to play IMHO by the man utd team. their defence PLAYED their way out of their half.

Spurs more often then not just hoof it up to the half way line and try to move out, only to end up on backfoot as a long or direct pass goes back.

Davids is picked too often, Ghali proved to be very useful. his passing and vision probably isnt far off what carrick offered us.

with out lennon spurs attack is actually less predictable. but we do miss the young man.

I do feel that defoe should have started against utd. for one reason alone. he scored for england, therefore his confidence will be high and he can bring that into the spurs team and make an impact. i do actually rate keane higher then defoe as he is more consistant and better ball skills. but yesterday defoe would have been the better choice.

We need to drop Davids, Jenas, and play Zokora and Ghali in midfield. sell jenas and murphy as they are both useless kippers.

Sid. said...

Yes I have to agree Harry, We should not be ashamed of the team but Jol cannot keep this up, I still feel that things will get turned around but as time goes on it is getting worrying, after 2 or 3 games we can always say that its a long season and stop whinging but the season gets shorter after each game, we have got a difficult game at Slavia Prague on thursday and my confidence is beginning to wane.

Anonymous said...

yeah..jol did a mistake again..jenas and davids are me,murphy is good but he doesn't get a chance to play in the first team.look what he did at charlton last,my best team would be robinson,chimbonda,dawson,king,ekotto,lennon, zokora, murphy, ghaly/ziegler, keane,defoe/berbatov. jol donno how to exploit the players that he has.sell davids,jenas and tainio are good.

reg medway said...

I am starting to feel sick every time I see the team sheet with Davids' name on it. Why can't Jol see what every Spurs fan can. The fact that Davids is a liability who does nothing other than give away needless free kicks and get in his team-mates way.
I have been putting posts on various sites about the Jol and Levy's unforgivable mistake of letting Routledge go on loan to Fulham. Heard he played a 'blinder, after coming on as sub against Newcastle. My main question was "who will replace Lennon if he gets injured?" I need to say no more. And why does Jol not recognise the fact that our game livens up immediately Defoe comes on. IMO either Jol should go or Defoe, and I know who I would keep.

Anonymous said...

i think robbo needs a rest too - maybe hes getting complacent - someone like cech wouldve punched that free kick away to safety.
getting there spurs, much better than previous games.
davids - pick up your pension.

my team for fulham;

chimbonda dawson king ekotto
ghaly zokora murphy tainio
berbatov / mido defoe


robbo stalteri huddlestone jenas keane

parosyid said...

Surely the time has come for a change of tactics, i believe that tom Huddlestone must be given a chance - the centre of our midfield looks too soft ( especially against Bolton & Everton)If anyone has seen how Hudd bosses games for U21's would they not play him - he would also give some much needed height to a generally small side.
Therefore I would go with : Robbo,chimbonda, king ,daws,eskotto with Zokora & Hudd in front, then Jenas right ( at the moment) Keane left & Berbs/Mido partnering Defoe
This line up would give us more attacking options whilst also protecting our back four.

EL said...

I suspect that Defoe more than any of the others needs good service to score goals so with one winger and a all too often workman-like midfield it's no wonder he's been 'off form' for us for so long. If our midfield worries continue much longer than january I would cut our losses, sell him on and invest in a striker with a more productive bent ouside the 6 yard box.

Then again, I'd rather get a left winger, creative midfielder and keep Defoe. Here's hoping.

EL said...


Re: Robbo.
Watch the view from the camera behind the goal. Loads of lens flare. The sun was pretty much right behind the ball.
Not an excuse but a valid reason I think. He did well to parry it at all.

spurs for life said...

i cant believe what im reading, people calling for jols head etc? im embarrassed to be associated with fans who make such comments. first of all, i agree, davids should be dropped as he seems uncomfortable on the ball and gives alot of stray passes. but the abuse jenas gets from alot of fans is unreal, he was our top goalscoreer from midfield last season and will be this season, he has to play in front of zokora. people have got to understand we need time to gel, jol still doesnt know what midfield to play but hopefully time will tell, our back 5 now shud stay the same for the season, all we need is consistancy which hopefully shud start next game. im 20 years old and have supported spurs all my life,and we've had some shocking players and managers, now our set up is quality, the best ive seen. the last thing we need is people calling for jol to go as we need him to be our manager for years.we need to be more positive and patient and less fickle.coys

Graham Roberts Walked On Water said...


Fickle? No mate, fickle people couldn't give a toss either way.

Seems to me the voices on here and other sites are that of concern. no one has demanded jo go either. perhaps you should save your crys of 'embarrassed to be associated' with us for when you are associated with us.

At the moment, you advocate putting up with tactical decisions that the majority of fans can see big errors in. it is a worry and consequently as staunch fans of this club we are entitled to voice those concerns.

You're only as good as your last game. Ask Maureeniho or Sir Adolf Ferguson. Yes, MJ is the best thing in a long time. No, we aren't happy with his team selections and tactics at the moment.

We're not disloyal.

spurs for life said...

what do you mean 'put up with these tactical decisions'. do you think the staff at spurs log onto the internet everyday, read comments from fans slagging them off and say 'yeh hes got a point'. its all about getting behind the team so many people are never happy, even last season people were on these sites slating us. so my point was to get behind the team as moaning does nothing. ill be showing my support in prague on thursday mate

Anonymous said...

from reading all the comments here so far, i noticed one thing in common, and i agree to it. Our problem is not Jol, i agree he's been great for us.
Our real problem just now, is Edgar Davids. right now, he can't seem to pass for love nor money, and seems likely to kill someone with his attempted tackles! if he's dropped, i think everything else will just fall into place. Plus maybe stick JJ on the right while lennon is out.

Anonymous said...

So Edgar's our boo boy for the season then, following in the tradition of Andy Reid, Timmy Atouba, Anthony Gardner etc - nice to have on player who it's convenient to blame, whilst ignoring the flaws in other more favoured players

Harry Hotspur said...

Boo boy tactics are NOT the way forward...

Anonymous said...

Another example of Davids letting the team down, no wonder Ajax did not sign him in the close season.Maybe we have a clause that allows us to bring Routledge back from Fulham to replace Lennon. If only we had signed a decent left winger, but we were let down again by all the promises and in the end we get a player who is in the treatment room for two months - great work by the management team. I agree we should cash in on Defoe and Jenas, should get £14m fpr the pair. Then go after Bent and Ben Arfa. I would also let Davids go on a free, sell Davenport for £2m and let Robbo have a rest for a few weeks. Shame we let Mendes go, but if Lennon is out for some time, why not try a midfield of Ghaly, Huddlestone, Zokora and Tainio with Keane and Berbatov up front?

Anonymous said...

All this criticism of Davids and not a word on Jenas? Odd

Anonymous said...

The buck must stop with Jol, he has had the time and rescources to assemble a team up to the job.

But we are clearly no where near that. Jenas and Davids are useless the longer Jol sticks with them the more my faith in him disappears.

And I am glad to see I am not the only on eto have noticed that we resort to long balls from Robbo and Dawson at the earliest opportunity.

Jol is beginning to grate

rossmangalway said...

stop playing davids please mj . he is not able to play like he used to be able . play murphy give him an honest chance

Anonymous said...

I think it is a case of Jol being found out with time. What is happening at Spurs, is the culmination of a number of stupid errors in error and personnel movements that Jol has been responsible for over the past twelve months and is now paying the price for. In chronological order, these began with the inexplicable sale of Freddie Kanoute without finding an adequate replacement. Rasiak was brought in as cover, but I think most would agree that Kanoute is a far superior player to Rasiak. Spurs abject inability to score goals when Mido was not around was there for all to see. The second was the loaning out of Reto Ziegler in favour of Andy Reid. During his first season, I am sure that most would agree that Ziegler was way ahead of Reid in the pecking order at Spurs. This season, we have seen Jol fail to land an adequate left sided midfielder. The logic employed on deadline day really baffled me. Read carefully - send out on loan a good wide midfielder who can play on the left (Routeledge), bring in a crocked versatile midfielder who he will have no use for for two months (Malbranque). Maybe I am stupid and cannot see Jol's bigger picture. Therefore somebody can perhaps explain to me if I am missing some bizarre method in Jol's madness. As for Davids, the sooner he goes the better. He is adding no value to Spurs and his stupid fouls are cost Spurs in the form of free kicks in dangerous positions. I think Jenas has a lot to offer Spurs. But, he does need to assert himself on games more. He does have a high workrate for sure. But, he perhaps should run less and concentrate on being more productive with the ball when he gets it. Personally, as things stand, I would move Ghaly (who I thought played well against Man U) into the holding role, move Zokora into a more attacking Role, put Ziegler on the left, and bring back Routeledge from his loan spell to cover for Lennon whilst he is still injured. A balanced midfield to complement what, on the evidence of yesterday, will develop into a solid back four, and an excellent strike force - which should be lead by Berbatov and Defoe in my view as Berbatov's better hold up play and skill complements Defoe's ability to make intelligent - and you have a team challenging for honours. It is worth noting that in Keane's absence in pre-season, Berbatov and Defoe were banging them in.

Anonymous said...

You lot can all suck a big dogs obviously know fuck all about spurs because we are 4 games into the season and you are now saying martin jol, god bless him, is starting to worry you? Sometimes i'm embarrassed to call myself a spurs fan and thats because of others like you guys.

Vinny said...

I feel the Tottenham of last year would have beaten this under strength Manchester United side. So I've looked for the positives and negatives we can take out of this game:

1) More effort and more solidity in the centre of the park today, but so we should have with four solid working midfielders deployed at the expense of our only authentic winger Aarron Lennon. We tried to win this one boring Bolton style, but that misfortunate early goal made our task difficult.

2) Defence looked more solid with the restoration of our trusted Ledley King - Michael Dawson partnership. Also felt the right side looked less vulnerable with
the more solid, speedy Pascal Chimbonda. I hoped for more right side runs from him which perhaps will come as he establishes himself. He did a good job
nullifying the effect of Richardson. Ekotto also worked hard looks speedy and more solid than Pyo ever did, a couple of good crosses too.

3) I thought Zokora looked very composed holding his position well, always making himself available to link from defence, as well as making good simple passes, should definitely keep his place.

4) Good to see Jol giving chances to Ghaly and sub appearances for Reto Ziegler and Danny Murphy. Ghaly looked ok as he tried hard to create something. Slightly suspect looking temperament....was not amazing though, probably looked better than he was due to Houdini (Jenas) whom amazingly seemed to
disappear again.

5) Good to see Jol brave enough to sub Edgar Davids, sorry to say, he did try very hard, but seemed to run around like a headless chicken often getting in Zokora's way. He did make one great pass to Dawson who unfortunately missed.

6) 3 good chances to Dawson, Defoe and Mido while Utd created very little at home.

1) Why was Mido playing left wing when Keane was on?! He didn't know what to do with the ball when came in to his feet. It left Keane looking too small and isolated to cope alone in the middle. Mido did not look himself today, lacked his aggressive presence of last year, losing weight should not be an excuse. Although sure he will get better with match practice/fitness.

2) Why was Keane subbed?! He looked like our only skilful player in Lennon's absence, should have been kept on as we were 1-0 down. Unfortunately his
and Davids replacements did not make any impact. Ziegler - didn't look the left side solution, Defoe tried hard, but very little service. Murphy had too little time in a tight game to make any impact.

3) Robbo - although debateable, could have punched/parried that shot to safety instead of right in front in the box, as it was straight at him, although made a great 1-on-1 save at the end to make up for it.

4) CREATIVITY - Very little in the way of penetrative on the ground passing, obvious this will be our biggest problem this year. We have too many defensive midfielders. MJ needs to pick the best of the DM bunch, in my mind should include Zokora and Tainio. Needs to bring back Lennon and maybe use more of Keano's creativity in perhaps a deeper role. Huddlestone needs to start getting some playing time, or he will never learn.

This obvious lack of creativity coupled with 3 missed chances by Dawson, Defoe and Mido cost us all 3 points. It is clear MJ will not know his best team for another 3 or 4 matches, by then we may have slipped too far behind for a champions league spot. I still have faith MJ will get it right and get us fighting for at least another uefa spot. After all Utd never made mugs of us at least.

Vinny said...

By the way, no way should we be thinking about Martin Jol being replaced, unless were fighting relegation which I doubt very much. Still believe that we're a good bet for at leaat another uefa place...and come on lets be fair, compaired to our past managers that will still represent great progress. This season may be slightly transitional due to Ekotto, Chimbo, Zokora all being completely new and then Mido, Ziegler, Ghaly, Huddlestone, Murphy and Davenport being "like new players" due to their minimal involvement with the team in the last 8 months in Mido's case and more for the others. So there is a lot of players adjusting to the prem and the rest of last seasons team need to adjust to the new players. It will take time Im afraid. Look at Sir Alex Ferguson, was on the verge of being sacked then in about his second or third full season finished about 14th, but won the FA Cup which saved his head. The rest is history.

Vinny said...

Soz forgot Berby in that list!

Anonymous said...

vinny - presumably we can allow Jol to roll out the 'need time to gel' new team line etc etc every season?

despite the fact that any lack of continuity or stability is solely Jols responsibility.

If that is the excuse for our inept performances I suggest Jol gets some sort of long term strategy in place instead of this scattershot method of buying and selling he so favours every transfer window.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to see the same basic team starting every week and some kind of game plan. Bolton aren't the greatest team on the planet but they know exactly what they are doing and how they intend to get the ball in the net. Our team looks good on paper but it isn't working in practice. Two or three more defeats and we will be thinking about relegation battles come the end of the season.

Not moaning , just worried.

Ididn't like the check in at the airport I should have gone for the beef or lamb options said...

We do need to see a formula.

Don't care what it is, 442, 433, I don't care. But if the plan is 'no plan' followed by 'hoof it up to the Egyptian' we're all going to hell in a handcart..

yido said...

look everybody on here has a valid point but how can u expect us to be winning all the time give jol till at least nov/dec before slagging him off if things aren't right by then.these new players will take time to gel losing carrick was a big loss but the players he has bought in are very good players and will replace carrick in time. as for jenas getting bad rep do you actually watch these games he aint no carrick with his vision but gives the team high energy displays and gets into good postions in the box,spurs style of play has had to change but between jenas,zokora,malbranque,tainio. They have enough quality for every occasion you cant just stick to one game plan as each game throws up new challenges and he has a very adapable squad.All 4 strikers having a chance to play 25-30 games a piece this year being fresh rather than 2 playing 45 games,times are changing we have a more european club like set up with a big emphasis on squad rotation and we are going to have to get use to it.defoe will get his chance but again yesterday missed a easy chance,but his tme will come. on yesterdays performance i thought we played extremley well against a good man utd side who where at home and in very good form. ghaly played well and zokora showed climpses of why he is highly thought of by martin jol,davids justs gives us a bit of drive yea a few passes go astray but he has a wealth of experience in a young side so you do need him at least on the bench he seems to get a very hard time off everybody but has been one of our better players in recent weeks he gives his all and has a winning mentality.......

Anonymous said...

in fairness to those critizising Jols hoof it up to the egyptian tactic. I think you are all forgetting we do have the hoof it to teh bulgarian alternative we can employ when Berbs is not injured.

and lest not forget in emergencies we can employ the play a central midfielder in every outfield position tactic

I count at least 3 tactics Jol has at his disposal.

He is a tactical wonder.

tottenham9 said...

I cannot believe that fans are getting on Jol's back. Did we not have the best ever finish last season in the premiership ?
Lets give him a chance to get things right and lets hope he gives Tom Huddlestone a chance. He can play the killer ball but needs to be given a go.

Vinny said...

Anon 6.31pm, I know what youre saying by the need for stability. In fairness to Jol,DL and DC they did a very good job last season in almost replacing an entire team, who strangely gelled from the beggining!...this seems not to be the case this season. My opinion is new players sometimes need to be carried and inspired a bit for their first few games by already established players, trouble is none of last seasons team are in inspirational form and are finding it hard to connect with their new team mates at the mo. Secondly, we can't blame Jol for trying to improve the obvious weak spots and believe he did his best in obtaining the players to do this ie both fullbacks and a hopefully top class new target man in Berby. Some things were out of his power like he tried to sign several players to fill the left side problem but for one reason or another were unavailable - Downing, Pederson, Petrov, Ben Arfa and god knows who else. Carrick wanted to leave so left us needing a top class holding midfielder which I believe Zokora although different to Carrick, will be. The Malbranque signing was in response to our lack of creativity and could potentially be a bargain at 2 million, plus the guy is still only 26. The panic buys have been few, Rasiak- who we got our money back from and Murphy- presumably brought in as emergency midfield cover last season when Mendes, Davis and Brown all wanted out. All our outgoings have almost completely balanced our incomings and just leave 1 maybe 2 more top class players to complete the squad. But the current crop of players need to get us in a good position in order for top class players such as Frank Riery to want to join us first. We have to be a little more patient, the premier league is very tough all round at the mo, even the Scum and the scousers are having difficulties and look at the players they have brought in!

Anonymous said...

It's all very civilsed on here chaps - keep up the well thought posts everybody...

Come On You Spurs!

Anonymous said...

729 here harry if u remember and i have to admit ur spot on in this article. i was hurt that u disregarded the important part of my last comment a week. if ur gonna cut a comment cut all of it. u have to respect that iv come back to read another article so can bygones be bygones. anyway my point is that zokora has not contributed nearly as much as jenas and i think ghaly maybe looks better equipped for the prem than z. at the minute. and also what was mido doing on the left in the first half???

bullssssss said...

Many of you here like to talk bullsssshit. When murphy played, you lot said he's useless...when he didn't play, you said that he should have played....when keane played, you said that defoe is the one who should have played,but when defoe played, you said that he's horseshit and keane should have played is the same with all other palyers.....all of you like bulls talks...and the shit as well

Anonymous said...

Harry talked nonsense.

Anonymous said...

And the West Ham Boy's salute yet another spuds failure that is a success under a better manager.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guy's,

This is really simple, sure Jol may make some mistakes, but generally we are going in the right direction.

Everyone seems to be moaning about MJ but what's the alternative? I don't want to go back to 15th to 10th finishes, give the guy time.

I think we haven't had time to settle into a pattern of play jet, due to a lot of our players coming back late from the world cup. Also the internationls haven't done us any favours and we have lost a key midfielder in Carrick.


Anonymous said...

No we are not going in the right direction. Anyone who persists in picking a player who gives away possession as often as Davids does and then leaves a player on an nobvious high after scoring for England (albeit against dummies) on the bench must be questioned.

I agree with the comments about Ghaly, he looks a prety good all round midfielder and can pick a pass, which is something Jenas cannot do. However with Lennon injured and Malbranque crocked it may be that Jenas will scrape in against Fulham. If nothing else he does cover a lot of ground.

Robinson is also a worry. He had a poor world cup and frankly has not played well for months. Both Jol and the media in general have been very kind to him over the Campo and Giggs goals. He was clearly ar fault for both.

Positives are that the back four with King back looked ok. The two full backs looked very solid - Stalteri get your bags packed (and take Davids with you).

The efforts of Europe midweek may cloud the issue but despite all seemingly sound reasons being given, losing three out of four and only beating some newly promoted whipping boys must mean people being dropped for Fulham.

My team is Cerny; Chimbonda, King, Dawson, Ekotto; Jenas, Ghaly, Zakora, Taino; Berbatov, Defoe

Subs; Fulop, Davenport, O'Hara, Mido, Keane.

Murphy seems finished to me as a Premiership player (another poor buy) and Huddlestone is a gentle giant who badly needs to toughen up. He also likes the Carrick comfort zone and that is a luxury we cannot afford.

Anonymous said...

Jol said in an interview on Friday that the departure of Carrick meant that the right midfield combinations had to be worked out again. This makes sense. Also remember that with all the international football and us having so many new players they have been unable to settle. He had all the players together for one day only before the Man U game. Sure Man U were probably in the same boat, but they don't have as many new faces as we have and are far more accustomed to playing together. Then, when we create 5 or 6 chances against Man U but the players fail to take any, its rather stupid to blame the manager. Sure, I'd like to see Davids benched, and I'd have liked to see Defoe start on Saturday, but I'm sure Jol gave these ideas some consideration. We've had a bad start - but we're not the only ones, mind. After beating us last week, Everton this week spanked Liverpool 3-0, and Arsenal still don't have a win this season. Are Liverpool and Arsenal talking about firing Benitez and Wenger? I don't think so. I detest the fact that we've lost three out of four, but lets get behind Jol and the team and the results are sure to start coming.

Mullery said...

I agree with the voices of having Jol removed. If the manager is on his way of ruining the team, someone has to protest. Davids, the notflying Dutchman, is the worst player I have seen in the Premiership, and his worst enemy on the pitch is the ball. Murphy is on the bench, probably one of the best passers in the EPL, and he could replace Carrick. Defoe is the best striker for years at the Lane and Jol doesnt like him/doesnt play him. Defoe is going to leave, how do you "Spurs-supporters" think of that. Who will leave next? Lennon? King? Dawson? We all want to compete at the top, but we never will with a manager like Jol. And we never will be a top club if we dont get a bigger stadium and a new policy regarding paying players. But firstly a new manager would be priority.

Anonymous said...

If Murphy is that good why did an truly average outfit like Charlton sell him?

I agree about the stadium but that is a tomorrow problem. Today's problem is making the big decisions and picking up some points.

Unless that happens Jol is merely keeping the seat warm for Curbishley.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you arseholes! How did Jol go from hero last year to zero this year after just 3 losses? And weren't we all singing the team's praises after our solitary win? The games we've lost, results have shown, were tough games, perhaps tougher than we thought beforehand. We willl get better, I know it!

Anonymous said...

shut up everyone!!

martin jol is great. have a little faith. we were brilliant against utd. we outplayed them. even ferguson conceded we are to have a 'big impact on this league'.

and pitbull davids is still an asset to the side.

stop complaining and have some faith.

we will start climbing the table very soon

projectmusic said...

Some of these comments, sicken me! please, does anyone remember the mighty, pre-jol. yes its not been a great start. but you have to look at who we have played, everton look to have a good side and united look to be champions. Let the guy build a side and then judge him, FERGI" we beat a good side today" i believe that the future will be rosey, COYS..

Davidsfanclub said...

I hear what you are all saying about Jenas and Davids, but just want to offer an alternative opinion.
I think perhaps when everyone is analysing the Man U game, you underestimate the hard work these players put in off the ball. Carrick and Oshea were anonymous for most of the game and this was not all down to Ghaly and Zokora (who both gave away more fouls than Davids). Davids and Jenas are always available for a pass. And any of you who have played football to a decent standard will know what a skill that is. I admit his distribution is not what it used to be (Davids), but look at the pass he made for the Dawson/King chance in the first half? - If that had been Ronaldo we would have been seeing it on Soccer AM next week. And the second great Dawson chance came from a Jenas corner. The trouble with analyising centre midfielders is that it is not always about what you do see, but sometimes what you don't. For about an hour our midfield bossed the game against Man U at Old Trafford and that is no easy task. We created four great opporunities to score, but messed up. The fact that we didn't get a goal was nothing to do with Jol's tactics nor Davids or Jenas' performances.

Davidsfanclub said...
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Anonymous said...

You've got to give Man U more credit. They were a better team.

Jol put out the strongest team he could. Davids (although at the end of his career and looking less influential) has key experience against the biggest clubs, Jenas is perhaps our most talented ball-player (just needs to stamp his authority on games a bit more), Zokora was class, and Ghaly coped well after being rewarded for a good preseason and replaced the injured Lennon.
If anyone was to blame, it was our wasteful strikers who lost concentration at the vital times, ie. Defoe and Mido's headers.

For an away team, at the most intimidating stadium in the country, we retained the ball well and even dominated for portions of the game, which has to be put down to our midfield.

To call for Jol's head is insane... the only reason I could agree with his departure is if O'Neill or Capello offered themselves for the job. Jol took us to 5th place last season (remember that?) and we competed with, and nearly beat, all the best teams in the country.

My only criticism is to perhaps retain Davids' influence off the field (like his mentoring of Lennon at the beginning of last season), but start to play him slightly less and give Zokora the 'pitbull' role.

season ticket since ''78 said...

I find all this 'mentoring' value placed on Davids risable.

No 'guru' in the field of motivational techniques etc etc would bill at 40 grand a week or whatever Davids is charging us.

And, they wouldn't run onto the pitch during a match and act the goat with this Panicky Predator (or whatever you called it Mr Hotspur) routine.

The Davids era is over and we can only hope someone points this out to MJ before much more damage is done.

Anonymous said...

team for the next few gamES





Anonymous said...

Things are not going well at present . Unfortunately Jol is having to build a new team - 2 new full backs and the playmaker gone . Not hepled by injuries ie King and Lennon . Defoe to me is mystery he does miss a lot of chances . He missed a golden chance Saturday and Man Utd at home last year should have scored a hat trick and missed the lot . I can never pick him in front of Keane and feel now Mido is here he will go in January . My worry is does he really want to play for Spurs . I feel Davids should have been sold in the Summer - I am not sure he is always a positve influence in the camp and with Murphy Zokara Huddlestone Ghally Jenas Ziegler Tainio we have enough in Midfield . If we want to be very attacking we can play Keane in the hole and 3 in midfield and 2 strikers up front . My concern is that last year we seemed to be a happy camp this year the vibes are not good and if players do not gel then however good they are results will be poor .Compare Aston Villa this season to last - same palyers but the camp is a happy camp . I think Jol needs to talk us up more .Pardew always talks up West Ham but Jol is a little too cautious in saying we should always be top 6 and looking to break into top 4 . All I seem to hear is we are not yet the prefect team . The good news is Liverpool and Aresnal have started badly but WHU , Everton , Villa will push us harder this year . We need to get on a winning run unless instead of looking at the top 6 we will be looking over our shoulders at the bottom 6 .

projectmusic said...

did anyone notice how well mido, played on the left wing, have we atlast found a left winger?

Anonymous said...

I agree, he didn't look in trouble there at all..

Anonymous said...

The criticism of davids and the expectation levels that surround him is ridiculous - the man is a ball-winner - play - makers don't often get nicknamed the pitbull. He was far more effective as a captain yesterday than the ledley and tried to rally the players, who for me looked indifferent and discontented.

Robbo has received no criticism whatsoever for trying to make another spectacular save when its not needed - and where was the wall? - everyone knows ronaldo spanks them from there - , and he let at least three catchable crosses fly over his head and across the goal - line.

Lets have some balance rather than going for the easy targets all the time - more importantly, get behind them, because mindless barracking from the stands is not gonna make them play any better.

Anonymous said...

all you tossers saying you are sick are the idiots blinded by one decent season. the turnover in players at the moment is ridiculous. we sold pedro mendes a year ago and a year later what do we have? players no better than mendes. you be sick. i hope you clowns choke on it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it was tactics, as much as it was certain players who didn't do anything to inject confidence in the team.

Jenas needs to sit, as does Davids. I personally would like to see:

Chimb - King - Dawson - Assou-Ekotto
Ghaly - Zokora - Ziegler
Defoe - Mido/Berbatov

I think this setup gives us a spark with Keane's vision and workrate in the slot. Ghaly had a very nice game at ManU and I'd like to see more of him. And I'd like to see what Ziegler can do with a run-out for a full match.

The back four look solid (I really like Assou-Ekotto), especially now with Ledley back and Chimbo in the squad. It's just that our midfield needs a spark that will set the strikers on fire.

Anonymous said...


Good line up, I was banging on to anyone who would listen that we ought to be dropping Keano back into 'the hole'. I feel he is far more dangerous there. I know some want him up the front but I am sure that Saturday proved me right and if a system is going to be exposed as wrong then against Man Utd is the right place as they are frankly were we ought to be.

Defoe would compliment Mido or Berbatov if the distribution was on the floor and not as has beeen said, 'hoofed' up to Mido.

The new signings looked great. Maybe Edgar & Marty might give them some room to play footy?

Anonymous said...

spurs team to play fulham



despite the fact jol doesnt play defoe, robbie keane has alot more to offer !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not a bad squad. Mind, you could play Daffy Duck, Al Pacino and The Beach Boy that's stillalive and as long as you dropped Davids you'd get a general seal of approval.

Anonymous said...

Whinging Spurs fans again??Once again our fickle supporters , after a few bad results begin to question a Spurs managers abilities.Despite last seasons wonderous development,which saw us progress a lot faster than we all expected,we now hear the old familiar doubters questioning Jols strategies and tactical decisions.Suddenly Big Martin, is being given advice on who to select and what our formation should be. I suggest that you all support the team and the manager. Give the squad time to gel into the team it can be. Have you all forgotten already how deep in the mire we were before Levy brought in JOL and provided the funds to build a squad capable of competing with the top four.We will get it right but remember it takes time .

yido said...

why is everyone slating spurs look at our fixture list we've had bolton away always near top 6 everton 4th 2 seasons ago man utd well say no more and at old trafford and sheff utd and we won,wait to judge martin jol and the players till we have played the lesser teams in tne league.jol has his faults as do many managers but like people have stated we do need time ti gel and i think we will still have a good season its only 4 games old after all............

TouristChat said...

Yes , you are all right but first of all we lost 3 of 4 games - that's insane.That's not professional , this sux! I am maybe the biggest optimist but can't just accept this situation.
Remember pre-season?Jol used different players...
I am King from :

Anonymous said...

All these cries of fickle and not one of you has the brain power to accept that a die hard fan, 9 points dropped in four games, is allowed express fear and not be fickle!

yido said...

9 points dropped get real so man utd is guarranteed 3 points is it and its not down to jol our strikers apart from bolton away have missed chances to win the obviously dont know nothing about the premier league i would say we dropped 3 against everton and one at man utd like i keep saying the season is 4 games old so give the criticism a rest..........