Monday, June 19, 2006

Home Before The Postcards???

Beckham is now a one trick pony. Whilst the Crouch goal was generated by him 'whipping one in' is that our entire plan? To attempt this one manourve endlessly until it works?


Our name is on the trophy. See you in Berlin for tea & medals...

I won't even bother watching the rest of the games, it's a forgone conclusion.

Lampard and Gerrard may provide vital answers but must be deployed intelligently. The Premiership & the FA Cup Final has taught us that Gerrard thrives running ON to the ball. You reduce his effectiveness passing INTO him by 40%, so he CANNOT be played as deep as Sven has him. That is why, we witnessed his lamentable pot shots against T&T. Dropping Lampard would be unforgivably stupid. His short balls, dead balls, exceptional movement and goal tally at Chelsea qualify him for immediate respect and space to work.He and Gerrard's major problem was Beckham drifting in centrally and cancelling them out.

And it was Beckham's fruitless long balls that bypassed a midfield unit that's full of goals and neutered Owen - and WE should recognise that, afterall it was the hoofing it up in the air to Mido that left Defoe in the same boat. Both Owen & Defoe are confidence players, but the damage to Owen has actually been worse as he's had to cope with attaining match fitness and being pulled off due to lack of business in a World Cup.

Beckham in at right back now? This is his third tournament and he hasn't had a good one yet. Now you see him as a defender? Please... He needs binning.

Rooney is a talisman for England, Beckham is a marketing tool ( £50 mill's worth ) and as just as big a danger to the cause failing as Ronaldo is if he too is left in the Brazil squad for another game. Real Madrid? Real-y Mediocre. Also, Neville is a dullard. Glory is all, it leads to winning with style. Neville's injury is a blessing.

Lennon? Simply put, Lennon is essential to any aspirations this team has.

Due to mismanagement at the highest level, Bent, Johnson, Defoe etc are all in the wrong country and our strike force consists of an in form Crouch, an utterly useless Owen, the 20 minute fit Rooney and a cardboard box marked SECRET WEAPON - DO NOT OPEN UNTILL WORLD CUP FINAL which apparently contains the new Pele. Either the new Pele, or a 28 second blurred clp of an 11 year old beating six other 11 year olds with his intergalatic skills.


Down The Lane said...
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Anonymous said...

Sven appears to completely lack any form of creative thinking outside of his impressive ability to juggle the right-back position on account of his interminable need to keep the teams biggest celebrity on the field. He's even been quoted as saying:

"whaat dows eet maata iff we or winning di cuup plaaying baad foootbowl enywaay, who cares?"

Someone tell the gutless pleb that WE care. First football should be entertaining, then you take notice, then you care about winning, then you enjoy winning.
Bad football = bad entertainment = lack of interest/pride = who cares much whether you win or lose.


Anonymous said...

well put, harry