Sunday, May 14, 2006


All this loose talk that 'Defoe is off' is frustrating and I have to say not very well thought through at all.

In one breath, there is a tremendous surge of confidence in the club, in the squad and even the board... and in the next there seems to be this smallville school playground fussing, "Who's gonna go up front, then?"

The plan gentlemen, would be that our ENTIRE squad would need reinforcing and not just from a narrow perspective of replacing Stalteri or whoever this week's fallguy is, but giving the squad the additional dimensions that the forthcoming seasons would demand both physically and tactically as an absolute bare minimum.

We will not achieve a fraction of the successes were are striving toward without AT LEAST 3 quality strikers. Not mention other areas that are also not the finished article either. How many games would we have to field fully fit, form player filled first teams for next season if you add the Premiership games, to FA Cup games to UEFA Cup games? Hands up, who can tell me how many games Steven Gerrard played in total this season?

Our revenue threads are extremely strong as is morale, and I would simply warn against the potential nearsighted foolishness of 'automatically' dumping the likes of Defoe and Mido. To replace them is not only NOT FREE, but requires a certain degree of luck. Will Berbatov replecate his achievements so far at The Lane? Bellamy, for example took 3/4's of a season to recapture any of the form he had at Newcastle.

I am not one of these 'lets's support the lads - whoever has the Lillywhite shirt on' types, but I do believe we have to adopt a broader approach towards players who are now, more than ever, at Tottenham, part of a squad from which the optimium team has to be generated.

It was great to hear so many singing Defoes' name on recent starts. We will run out of steam at the first hurdle - injury/ fatigue if we do not build upon our existing squad instead of threatening to flog whoever hasn't scored for a few weeks. COYS

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